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Online test for class 11 For Physics,Chemistry,Biology and Maths

About Online test for class 11

Academic team of Physics Wallah prepared online test for class 11 subjects. The below mentioned links are chapters and subjects of Online test for class 11. Subjects covered in Online test for class 11 are Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Zoology and Botany. Each subject consist of all chapters of class 11 syllabus, these Online test for class 11 are highly recommend for school exam as well as for entrance exam like JEE and NEET.

Subjects wise Online test for class 11 

If you are preparing for JEE you must be aware that from 2019 JEE main is online there is no offline test so start preparing now as far as NEET is concern hopefully form 2021 NEET will be too online based. Academic team of Physics Wallah uploaded multiple online test in each chapter which carriers 10 to 80 question in each online test depending on the difficulty level. Just click on chapter and start the test.

Marking system in Online Test for class 11 

All of you know that all most all entrance exam now a day negative marking is added so all the Online test for class 11 consist of same pattern of marking for each correct answer you will get +4 marks for each incorrect -1 . In negative making test one must be careful and minimize the error because for each incorrect option you will get -1 marks and you are going to lose 5 marks as compared to the students who had done correct such error can impact a lot in your overall marks and rank in entrance exam so Online test for class 11 will help you to enhance your marks and gives you a fair idea about type of error you can do in final exam . 

Preparation for Online Test for class 11 

Preparation come before result and preparation need good practice.Academic team of Physics Wallah uploaded all required study material for class 11 so before appearing for Online test for class 11 one must go through these study materials. Going for test is useful only when you are prepared for it so one must follow certain steps before . Online test for class 11. Such as you must read the theory of the chapter on which you are going for the online test .  Read NCERT text book theory and make your notes in maths try to make a separate note for maths formula and other subject make a separate note for the bullet points which are useful in the MCQ.

Try to solve all questions given in NCERT exercise. Take help from entrance NCERT solutions our team uploaded solutions of all questions with in depth explanation to enhance your learning. Apart from NCERT read the theory given in Physics Wallah study material sections there are many area of the subject which need additional theory you can get it form Physics Wallah theory part all theory of Physics Wallah for class 11 is elaborated in such a way that you will find all your quarry quickly. Students can also access the class 11 notes from here. 

Do follow NCERT Solutions for class 11 prepared by expert faculty of Physics Wallah. 

Tips to score Good marks in Online Test for class 11 

  1. To score good marks in Online test for class 11 one must follow few simple steps such as. 
  2. Read the theory before appearing for Online test for class 11 from your text book or notes.
  3.  Make sure you have revised all formula use in that chapter and understand the application of formulas.
  4. Just leave the questions which you are not confidents always remember 0 marks is better than -1.
  5. Avoid silly mistake do calculation carefully.
  6. Dont jump to conclusion immediately read the questions at least two time do be in hurry make sure you have understood the questions before attempting the questions.

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