GATE Petroleum Engineering Preparation Tips for GATE 2023

The GATE committee holds the all-India Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) exam in almost eight regions. This is a very important and prestigious exam for students who want to pursue a master's in any engineering program. This article will focus on the preparation required for GATE Petroleum engineering exam 2023. Every topic mentioned here has its significance. So carefully read and understand.

GATE Petroleum Engineering Preparation Tips for GATE 2023

Step-by-Step Preparation for GATE 2023 Exam (Petroleum Engineering)

If you plan to take the GATE exam and want to succeed in it, you must approach your test preparation in a well-thought-out and logical way. Your desire may be fulfilled by taking these steps -

Know the Exam Pattern

  • The GATE Exam Pattern should be familiar to you before you start your GATE preparation journey. Understanding the GATE course in its entirety will aid in better test preparation.
  • The GATE exam consists of three types of questions, MCQ, MSQ, and NAT. It will be a computer-based test with three hours of duration.
  • MCQ and MSQ questions fetch you 1 mark whereas NAT questions fetch 2 marks for every right answer. Please be aware that for each incorrect MCQ, MSQ, and NAT there will be a 1/3 and a 2/3 negative mark deduction.

Know Exam Curriculum

  • The GATE Petroleum Engineering exam study advice advises taking into account the top GATE Books 2023 when preparing for the test. The student must read the entire curriculum if they want to pass the GATE test. The most updated GATE Petroleum Engineering syllabus for 2023 is here.
  • Learning the entire syllabus is necessary for the GATE Petroleum Engineering test preparation. If the students are knowledgeable about the curriculum and the subjects, they will be able to decide which chapter to focus on more clearly.

Subjects from the GATE Syllabus 2023 for Petroleum Engineering (PE) include

  • Core Discipline
  • Engineering Mathematics
  • General Aptitude

Best books available for GATE PE 2023 preparation

Due to the fierce competition, it takes a lot of hard work to be the best in GATE. When studying for the GATE Petroleum Engineering test, it is advised to take into account the top GATE preparation Books 2023. You will receive clear perspectives and knowledge from these reliable books that you may utilize when taking the test.

Name of the Book Author Publisher
Khanna’s Objective Questions in Petroleum Engineering Vikas Mahto Khanna Book Publishing Company Private Limited
Introduction to Petroleum Engineering John R. Fanchi Wiley-Blackwell
Elements of Petroleum Refinery Engineering OP Gupta Khanna Publishers
Applied Petroleum Reservoir Engineering Ronald E. Terry and Prentice Hall Pearson
Oil Well Testing Handbook Amanat Chaudhry Gulf Professional Publishing
Oil Well Testing Navid Naderpour and Maryam Khoshtinat Nikoo SBS Publisher
Reservoir Engineering Handbook Amar Kumar SBS Publisher
Drilling Engineering J.J. Azar and G. Robello Samuel PennWell Books
Petroleum Refining Processes Rakesh Rathi SBS Publisher

Examine Previous Years’ Question Papers

There is a plethora of knowledge in the papers from the previous year that may be used to solve the test difficulties. Therefore, it is advised that applicants finish the previous year's question papers as they contain content from the important region of the syllabus and allow candidates to evaluate their overall performance. The GATE Petroleum Engineering Previous Year Papers allow students to assess their level of preparation, speed, and time required to finish the test.

GATE Mock Tests for PE

One of the best ways to prepare for a test like GATE Petroleum Engineering is to take online practice examinations. Mock tests let students see their mistakes so they can fix them. Candidates can take the GATE mock test to see how prepared they are. Since the quality and format of the questions will be similar to those on the real GATE Exam, the practice exams serve as a good preparation for it.

  • You may experience a genuine exam with mock exams.
  • You may respond to questions more quickly and accurately by taking practice exams.
  • Candidates will be able to assess their level of readiness by passing mock tests.

Last Moment GATE Petroleum Engineering advice

This section provides details on specific study techniques and the finest resources, such as essential books and previous year's test problems, for candidates taking the petroleum engineering (PE) examination for the GATE 2023.

  • The following GATE Petroleum Engineering preparation advice should be followed by candidates who desire to do well on the GATE PE Exam:
  • The first item to focus on when taking the GATE 2023 exam is strategy, both for studying and for the examination itself.
  • To ensure that each topic receives the necessary amount of preparation time, rank all of the important topics in your study plan according to their significance, degree of difficulty, and several sub-topics.
  • You need to be aware of all the exam's major themes and evaluation criteria before you start studying.
  • The number of subjects that candidates will cover in a single day should always be planned.
  • Students show both a conceptual understanding of the material being covered in class and a practical command of it.
  • A solid understanding of the concepts is necessary when studying for the GATE petroleum engineering test.
  • Never start your studying by cramming for an exam.

To ensure they have enough time to learn and review each topic, candidates must create a schedule for their studies and strictly adhere to it.

  • Practice Exam Papers: the candidates will enjoy studying practice test questions, exam-taking techniques, and mock exams. They will be more aware of the diversity and degree of obstacles present in the GATE PE Exam.
  • Select the appropriate reading material, including books, modules, articles, videos, online resources, etc.

This was an entire guide on how to prepare for GATE Petroleum Engineering 2023. Now sit on the study table and stay focussed. You can crack it!


No exam can be cracked without proper guidance. Although no one can guide you better than yourself. Stay focused and motivated. Follow your schedule and be disciplined. These are the best preparation tips to crack GATE Petroleum, by following which you can easily crack this exam. The last-minute tips will help you.

Frequently Asekd Question (FAQs)

Q.1. How much time is required for GATE preparation?

Ans. In actuality, every person reacts differently. You must dedicate all your time to studying to have the best chance of passing the GATE exam.

Q.2. How long is the GATE PE 2023 score valid?

Ans. From the date of issuance, the GATE score is valid for three years. So for the applicants of 2023, it will be valid till the year 2026.

Q.3. How many applicants pass the GATE exam for petroleum engineering each year?

Ans. Each year, between 21 and 30 percent of applicants succeed in GATE Petroleum Engineering. Before taking the GATE 2023 exam, students are encouraged to complete a significant number of mock tests to succeed.

Q.4. Does GATE PE 2023 have an age restriction?

Ans. There is no age restriction for students taking the exam, as per the exam administration and eligibility standards for GATE 2023.

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