How To Prepare for GATE Exam With College

Mar 09, 2023, 16:45 IST

The GATE exam is one of the most popular examinations in the country. As the GATE exam is around the corner, college students need to strategize well in order to obtain a good rank in the exam. However, one of the most common questions asked by every aspirant is how to start preparing for GATE. While some students start their preparation with college and few of them commence their preparation after college with or without a job.

To begin with, the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is one of the toughest exams owing to the vast syllabus and cutthroat competition. Thus, the students are required to adhere to the best GATE exam preparation strategy to ace the aptitude test in one attempt. Amidst all these exam preparations, there are a few troubles faced by college students when preparing for this aptitude test. Hence, we have shared below the top 5 preparation tips to crack the GATE exam with college studies.

Top 5 Preparation Strategy to Crack the GATE Exam

To answer the question on how to study for GATE exam, we have shared below the most recommended preparation hacks for the students who are willing to ace the upcoming aptitude test along with their college studies.

  1. Begin your preparation early

The first GATE exam strategy for college students is that they should commence their preparation as early as possible. For example, they should start their GATE exam preparation in the first year of college.

Next, this will not help them to stay ahead in the competition but also lessen their burden of covering the massive syllabus in the last few months of the exam. Also, starting the preparation in the first year of college will provide them with sufficient time to improve their weak areas and maximize their selection chances.

  1. Build a Proper Plan

A good plan can ease the GATE exam preparation journey of college students. Without a proper plan, there are fewer chances of scoring a good rank as they are not sure of how to crack GATE exam.

With this, the candidates should ensure they include all the exam-relevant topics and subjects based on their knowledge, capability, and exam requirements.

Along with this, they must try to complete the syllabus on the scheduled time, re-read all the covered topics, and focus on practice sessions for better results.

  1. Attempt Mock Tests

There is a plethora of online mock test series for the aspirants who are preparing for the GATE Exam. Also, solving mock test series is one of the best ways to determine the competition level.

By doing this, they will learn about their weak areas that require improvement. Thus, the mock test series & question banks will assist in quick revision, learning new fundamentals, and understanding which sections/topics need more attention.

  1. Regulate the Studies

As it is observed, the college syllabus is similar to the GATE exam syllabus. So, the students can easily align their studies with their GATE exam preparation.

While studying for any specific subject in college, they can also prepare for the exam simultaneously. By doing this, they will be able to complete the GATE syllabus on time and get all their doubts resolved with the help of the college professor.

  1. Learn Time Management

Time Management will simplify the preparation and help in obtaining a good rank in the GATE exam. Thus, all college students should include their college studies schedule, daily activities, break time, etc.

Good time management skills will help them to strike a good balance between college studies and gate exam preparation. With this, they will be able to solve a maximum number of questions in a stipulated time period by learning time management,


While the GATE exam is a tough nut to crack, every year there are topper students who have cleared these aptitude tests along with their college studies. Thus, all the aspirants are advised to stay confident and figure out solutions to all the issues during the GATE exam preparation.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Can I crack GATE with college?

Ans. Yes. All the students can easily ace the GATE exam along with their college studies if they adhere to the robust GATE preparation techniques.

Q2. How to prepare for GATE CSE in college?

Ans. Candidates should prepare short notes for all the subjects, practice all the previous year's papers and revise the notes after completing the syllabus for effective preparation for the GATE CSE exam in college.

Q3. How should I start preparing for GATE?

Ans. Candidates should make a strategic plan, pick the most recommended study plan, attempt mock tests, and revise regularly to prepare well for the GATE exam.

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