NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Science

If you are searching for NCERT solutions for class 6 science subjects then you are in right place. Physics Wallah's academic team uploaded solutions to all questions asked in the exercise of the NCERT textbook. In class 6 science there are 16 chapters in your syllabus which are given in the NCERT textbook. All the chapters are very well explained with the proper use of examples and solved questions.

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Science Free PDF Download

The additional information mentioned in the NCERT textbook helps the child’s interest in the subject. NCERT solutions for class 6 science prepared by the academic team of Physics Wallah is to help students with those questions which students face difficulty. It is highly recommended to use NCERT solutions for class 6 science very carefully and must be used as a reference. Don’t copy solutions directly. Refer to NCERT solutions PDF uploaded by Physics Wallah experts. 

NCERT Solution for class 6 science

Chapter 1 Food: Where Does It Come From?

In this chapter class 6 students learn about the source of food and how food is generated from a different source. Understand types and Variety of food with their source. This chapter teaches you about different food products like animal food products and plant food products. Read the advantage and disadvantage of different food products.

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Chapter 2 Components of Food

This chapter deals with the different component of food like starch, protein, fat and types of nutrients and there use. Read what is balance diet and why it is important for us to have balance diet what are the disease can take place with the deficiency of balance nutrients or diet. NCERT solutions for class 6 science prepared by Physics Wallah also consist of few additional information’s about this chapter.

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Chapter 3 Fibre to Fabric

Fibre and Fabric are the two most important think which all of us are using on our daily life. This topic is all about understanding the preparation properties of Fibre to Fabric. Understand variety of fabrics, fibres, plant fibres and spinning of cotton yarn. How cloth form and how we are preparing it in industry what are the process ? understand all interesting points in this chapter.

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Chapter 4 Sorting Materials into Groups

This chapter help students to know the objects around us, their properties, which include appearance, hardness, solubility, buoyancy and transparency. Read all properties of material and understand how a particular martial acts and use.

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Chapter 5 Separation of Substances

This is one of important chapter of class 6 science and very well explained in NCERT textbook of class 6 science in this chapter you will understand all separation methods like winnowing, sieving, sedimentation, handpicking, threshing, winnowing, sieving, sedimentation, decantation and filtration, evaporation. You will get knowledge of the solubility and saturation of solubility in solution.

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Chapter 6 Changes around Us

Very interesting chapter you will learn reversible and irreversible nature of changes and understand the reason behind such changes together with the ways of bringing changes around us, that we encounter daily. Learn lot of new thinks related to nature which you face every day.

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Chapter 7 Getting to Know Plants

Biology in higher class is divided into two parts one is zoology and second is botany. Botany deals with plants and its applications this chapter explains about herbs, shrubs and trees and part of botany. You will learn about stem, leaf, root and flower. Lots of activity is added in this chapter in NCERT which make this chapter interesting.

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Chapter 8 Body Movements

You will get to know how earthworm, snail, birds, fish and snakes do there movements of body. What are the mechanism of such movements. Apart from this you will learn Moments of ball and socket joints, pivotal joints, hinge joints, fixed joints.

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Chapter 9 The Living Organisms and Their Surroundings

This is fundamental chapter of biology and interesting too. Refer NCERT for this chapter because there are lots of good example are mentioned in this text book with lot of activity which help you to develop understanding of the chapter.

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Chapter 10 Motion and Measurement of Distances

This chapter explain your about measurement of the length of a curved line, movement of things around us and types of motions transport, measurements, standard units of measurements, length measurement, measurement of the length of a curved line, movement of things around us and types of motions.

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Chapter 11 Light, Shadows and Reflections

Physics is one important part of science and optics is one the important chapter of physics . this chapter give you basic fundamental of optics and helps you in understanding concepts such as pinhole camera and its construction ,opacity, the meaning of shadows. Apart from that you will learn about mirrors and reflections.

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Chapter 12 Ele​ctricity and Circuits

Get introduction about the electricity and electric circuit. This chapter you will learn about switches, conductors and insulators and their significance, electric cell, meaning and construction of electric circuits, switches, conductors and insulators and their significance.

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Chapter 13 Fun with Magnets

Magnet is one of the great discovery of science because of it we are capable of using electricity and other instruments. In this chapter you will learn how magnet works and what are the types of functions does magnet do for us.

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Chapter 14 Wat​er

Water is the most common think which all of us are using from past many years. This chapter explain every aspect of water like properties , physical properties, formation of water, sources of water, the meaning of water cycle, the formation of clouds, effects of heavy rainfall drought, conservation of water and rainwater harvesting.

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Chapter 15 Air ​Around Us

What is the different use of air, application and function of air if you wants to get answer of these questions this chapter will explains all questions. Get all details about the composition of air.

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Chapter 16 Garba​ge In, Garbage Out

Most important chapter in term of garbage managements and must be followed by every students. In this topic you will learn recycling of paper, plastics, problems caused due to plastic ,vermicomposting, garbage disposal, recycling of paper, plastics, problems caused due to plastic.

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Right Approach to having a good foundation in Class 6 Science

NCERT textbook consists of adequate information related to every chapter. The topics are explained in sufficient depth, which is, required for class 6 students. The right approach to learning class 6 science started with the fundaments of the science try to get the information mentioned in thetextbookk and relate it to daily life. Although in NCERT, they have mentioned several examples related to the concepts and their application in everyday life.

Read line by line text mentioned in the NCERT book and try to make notes. To score good marks in class 6 science, one must follow the following points.

  1. Always attend class 6 science lecture and ask as many questions as possible to have clear concepts.
  2. Do note down all important points mentioned in the class by teachers.
  3. After class prepa, res your notes to form the NCERT textbook of class 6 science.
  4. While preparing chapter notes, make bullet points of each chapter at the end of your chapter notes. This will help you in the final revision.
  5. Use of NCERT Solutions for class 6 science must be done as a reference, not to be used for copying the answers.
  6. Once you are confident in the chapter given, start solving the questions mentioned in the exercise of the NCERT textbook. Suppose you face any difficulty while solving the questions given in the ncert textbook you can take help from NCERT solutions for class 6 science prepared by the academic team of Physics Wallah.
  7. Finally, after solving all questions from the exercise given in NCERT you need to solve a few additional MCQ questions. Solving MCQ question will enhance your learning and gives an additional edge over concept as compared to others. To provide you quality questions of class 6 science academic team of Physics Wallah prepared a worksheet for class 6 science. Download this worksheet and start solving each and every question given in the worksheet.

Why Physics Wallah For NCERT solutions for class 6 science

Physics Wallah consist of a panel of expert teachers from a different school who prepared NCERT solutions for class 6 science. All majors are taken care of to provide the reader with errorless and accurate solutions. Our academic team prepared all solution with the help of NCERT text book and tried to write the solutions with the content mentioned in the NCERT textbook.

Physics Wallah academic team prepared in-depth solutions to all questions asked in the exercise and solve all questions as per the requirement and suggestion of CBSE to score good marks in class 6 science.

Apart from NCERT solutions for class 6 science our expert uploaded a separate Worksheet for Class 6 Science having MCQ-based questions with answers, these worksheets are chapter-wise to have a better practice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Why NCERT solutions for Class 6 Science are important?

Ans. These NCERT solutions consist of answers to questions and step-by-step explanations of chapters prepared by expert teachers. It provides you with solutions to understanding the problem and is also helpful when preparing for an exam. It covers all the important topics and concepts necessary for a solid scientific foundation.

Q2. What are the benefits of NCERT Class 6 Science Solutions?

Ans. The main benefits of NCERT Solutions for class 6 Science are

  1. All supplied Class 6 NCERT solutions are clear and concise in nature.
  2. NCERT Class 6 science solutions are resolved in easy-to-understand language to help students understand everything on the go.
  3. Accessible to everyone, anywhere without problems.
  4. All questions are strictly resolved based on the NCERT curriculum and books (CBSE). Mastering these solutions will certainly help students score well on tests.

Q3. How many chapters are in NCERT class 6 science?

Ans. There are a total of 16 chapters are available in class 6 science –

  1. Food: Where does it come from?
  2. Components of Food
  3. Fiber to Fabric
  4. Sorting Materials into Groups
  5. Separation of Substances
  6. Changes around us
  7. Getting to know Plants
  8. Body Movements
  9. The Living Organisms and their Surrounding
  10. Motion and Measurements of Distances
  11. Light, Shadow, and Reflection
  12. Electricity and Circuits
  13. Fun with Magnets
  14. Water
  15. Air around us
  16. Garbage in, Garbage out

Q4. What is the exam pattern of class 6 science?

Ans. Class 6 science exam question paper carries total 80 marks and the exam pattern of question paper is mentioned below-

  • Fill in the blanks -10 marks
  • MCQs-10 marks
  • Short answers-16 marks
  • Long answers-24 marks
  • Long answers diagram based - 20 marks

Q5. How do Physics Wallah NCERT class 6 solutions differ from others?

Ans. These are some of the most interesting features that make Physics Wallah NCERT Class 6 science solutions different from others:

  1. Each chapter, covered important definition and diagrams.
  2. You can download the solutions in PDF format by clicking on our website link.
  3. These downloaded PDFs can be used and viewed anytime, anywhere.
  4. The solutions have been designed with the utmost care, in accordance with the standards established by the CBSE Board.

Q6. How are NCERT solutions different from competitors?

Ans. NCERT provides the most effective videos and textbooks for sixth grade to help students prepare for exams. NCERT science Solutions are the most reliable and highly effective solutions designed by expert teachers. The chapter not only provides chapter-wise solutions in sixth grade, but also helps students understand different concepts. Each topic in this solution is studied in detail and creatively to make learning easier and more interesting.

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