Physics Questions and Answers

The academic team of Physics Wallah uploaded chapter-wise physics questions for students of classes 11 and 12. Each chapter consists of 50 to 200 MCQ-based physics questions with answer key. These questions are from easy to difficult levels and prepared by an expert in Physics Wallah.

Download the questions of the chapter which is required and try to solve all MCQs given in Sheet. Before solving MCQ physics questions it is highly recommended to read the theory and physics formulas uploaded by Physics Wallah. Solve NCERT Exercise with the help of NCERT Solutions for class 12 Physics.

Download free pdf for chapter wise Physics questions

Right Approach required to solve Physics Questions

Physics is the subject of the application of the concept. To understand the physics concept, one must try to solve as many as questions as he can. To help students’ academic team of Physics Wallah uploaded detail theory, concept ,formulas and questions.

This page consists of chapter-wise physics questions and each chapter consist of questions from 50 to 200 depend on difficulty level of chapter. Academic team of Physics Wallah maintain the difficulty level of questions and ensure the difficulty in questions must increase as you. Move forward.

Physics MCQ and Answers

The right approach to solving physics questions starts from conceptual clarity of the chapter which can be achieve by good text book like NCERT or HC Verma. Read the theory from these text book and make sure you have prepared notes and important bullet points mentioned in the text book .Once you have ensured your concept are clear and you have confident on the chapter. Try to solve the physics questions uploaded by Physics Wallah.

Tips to solve Physics Questions

Before solving physics, questions make sure you have good foundation of basics of physics like unit and dimension and you know basic formulas use in questions. Revise Physics Wallah physics formula page it will help you to solve the MCQ-based questions of physics.

The mechanic is key to understanding the concept of physics .To have good foundation in mechanics of class 11 physics HC Verma and NCERT are the most recommend books .You can take help from video lecture available in Youtube for the chapter which you face problem.

Solving physics questions need lots of hard work on chapter given in the textbook.One must have very clear idea about the concepts mentioned in the chapter. Making notes for the chapter is good idea, so try to prepare handwritten notes of all-important points and formulas. Derivation mentioned in NCERT are must so read and practice the derivation of physics properly. Start solving the questions from Mechanic part and do practice from Physics Wallah physics questions.

Optics and current electricity required practice as well as conceptual clarity.Read theory from NCERT text book as well as from the Physics Wallah physics section and attempt MCQ based questions given in the physics question section. This will not only improve your question-solving skill but also help you to build solid foundation for upcoming physics concepts.

Why Physics Wallah for Physics

Academic team of Physics Wallah consist of experienced set of faculty members who have years of experienced of teaching students for JEE, NEET and CBSE board exam. This academic team prepared all required study material of physics which includes detail class 11 and class 12 physics notes reference book solutions like NCERT solution for class 11 and 12 physics, HC Verma solutions physics formulas sheet, Physics Quiz, Physics revision material, Physics sample papers and lot more. Physics Wallah also provide Important questions for class 12 Physics which are made from expert faculty.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How do you answer physics questions?

Ans. Before moving to solve the physics questions one must revise Physics Formulas complitely. To answer physics questions and numerical one must follow the following points that to summarize as

  1. Do not panic before answering the questions.
  2. Try to understand the concept asked in the question.
  3. Read the question carefully.
  4. Organize the information.
  5. Sketch the scene.
  6. Examine units.
  7. Think about your formulas.
  8. finally start solving the questions.

Q2. How do you get good marks in physics?

Ans. During the exam, try to write your descriptive answers in points and provide images as graphic illustrations where possible.

  1. Scan the paper before answering.
  2. Carefully practice the ray diagram and other important diagrams. By drawing and studying, you will understand many subjects faster and easier.

Q3. What types of chapters are related to physics?

Ans. There are some topics of physics.

  • Classical mechanics.
  • Thermodynamics and statistical mechanics.
  • Electromagnetism and electronics.
  • Relativistic mechanics.
  • Quantum mechanics.
  • Optics and atomic, molecular, and optical physics.
  • Condensed matter physics.
  • High energy/particle physics and nuclear physics.

Q4. How NCERT physics question answers can help you in a competitive exam?

Ans. The right approach to preparing for a competitive exam is to start with NCERT question answers; try to read all the concepts, formulas, important theories, and all the important points mentioned in the NCERT textbook, try to make useful notes of all those concepts and points.

The most important factor for any competitive exam is time management, so start by understanding the correct exam syllabus. NCERT textbook questions are recommended for almost all competitive exams. NCERT, therefore, plays a very important role in learning for all competitive exams. In NEET 2019, almost 80% of the questions came directly from the NCERT textbook.

Q5. What is the best way to learn the physics question answers?

Ans. Read the physics lesson well; understand the concepts and practical theories and examples in the textbook. Watch videos carefully and then read the chapters and check out the topic and question answers. Take your handy notes for review.

Q6. How Physics Wallah is helpful in physics question answers?

Ans. Physics Wallah is one of the few reputable online education platforms that offer you quality education. Physics Wallah study material has been well researched and updated according to the latest syllabus. We are looking for inspiration to make learning fun and interactive.

We provide important questions in PDF format that you can easily download from our website. Students who use this study material are assured of good grades during the exam. However, they must practice NCERT practice questions and prepare sample documents by expert lecturers who are good at the exam pattern.

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