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Jul 20, 2022, 16:45 IST

About Electromagnetic induction questions

Electromagnetic induction, Faraday's law, Lenz's law, definitions of self and mutual inductance, Growth and decay of current in an L-R circuit, L-C circuit oscillation. RC, LR and LC circuits with d.c. and a.c. sources.While Oersted’s surprising discovery of Electromagnetism had led to the more practical applications of electricity, it was the phenomenal discovery of Electro-magnetic induction in 1831 by Michal Faraday that among other things was the key to the practical generation of electricity, when he demonstrated experimentally that a voltage is generated across the length of a conductor if the magnetic flux normal to it is changing with time.Interestingly, the outcome of his experiment could be interpreted as an instance of reverse symmetry applicable to the laws of Physics. Electric and magnetic fields up till the time had been believed to be produced by static charges and moving charges (or currents) respectively. Imposing an electric field on a conductor produces a current which in turn generates a magnetic field. The question here was, can a magnetic field generate an electric field? The answer to that came with Faraday’s experiment and it was proved conclusively that an electric field could be produced by a time-varying magnetic flux. In the following sections we will make a detailed study and mathematical analysis of the concepts of magnetic flux, Faraday’s law of Electo-magnetic induction and it’s many fascinating applications.Do check out chapter wise Physics Questions prepared byPhysics Wallah.

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