Surface Tension Questions

Jul 20, 2022, 16:45 IST

About Surface Tension Questions

This lesson contains four main topics. First topic of this chapter deals with deformable solid body i.e. the body, which changes its shape or size on the application of force and their elastic behavior. Second and third topics of this lesson is devoted to fluids (liquids and gases). Fluid is a Latin word meaning ‘to flow’. Liquids and gases can flow to take the shape of the vessel that holds them. Another important property of fluid is that a tangential force causes continuous deformation of fluids whereas if we apply a tangential force on a solid there will be a particular deformation in the solid. Second topic of this chapter is study of fluid at rest called as fluid statics and third section is study of fluid in motion called as fluid dynamics. In these two topic we shall see the concepts and their application for liquids only but these concepts are equally good for gases also but for low-pressure variation. 

In the fourth topic we will discuss why liquid has a tendency to decrease its surface area? Why water rises in capillary? These properties of liquid will be studied in this section under the heading surface tension.Do check out chapter wise Physics Questions prepared by Physics Wallah


Also, we have studied about the ideal fluid & its motion. In case of real fluids there is tangential frictional force between the layers and hence its motion is different from that of an ideal fluid. This we will study under viscosity section of this lesson.

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