History Class 10

Study For Class 10th History in a Systematic Way

To get a better understanding of the subject, a student should have a proper class 10 History Notes. Important points of every chapter need to be understood in a vast manner. This will help a student to score well in the examination. Summary and important points of the subject save your precious time before the examination.

The student can get a better understanding of every topic via the help of the notes because every single chapter is clearly explained. No student will find any kind of difficulty in understanding the previous history happenings.


Class 10 History notes are very helpful for your class 10 board as we as any entrance exam . Do you have a curiosity in knowing why the world is the way it is now? If yes, then you need to study History. Studying the subject is quite important because it will help you to be aware of the present scenario

It is a common saying “History Repeats” but going through the failures and success of the past, we can easily learn from the mistakes and avoid making in the near future. Apart from this, it is imperative to study history so that you come to know about past human behavior that is relevant to intellectual growth. Do solve questions of NCERT Text book with the help of Physics Wallah NCERT Solutions for class 10 social science.

Note: Class 10 History Notes is the subject that is important in the academic days and to score good marks the student should know well the right way to study. If any students need to take the online test to check their concepts or undertstanding then they can visit MCQ for class 10 History.

Strategy to Approach History

  1. One of the best key to learn class 10 History Notes is to create connections between the facts.
  2. Retaining significant information with the help of a flash card is an excellent idea.
  3. Watching movies will be very effective to learn history. Along with this, class 10 History Notes will be clearer to you.
  4. A student needs to read class 10 History Notes as many times as possible.
  5. Read a study material as loud as possible because this way you will learn faster.

Follow the points to remember the Basics and Dates of History Notes

  1. Use rhyme and even melodies can help you to remember various facts.
  2. Try to associate things with an image.
  3. A student need to make a list of all the people, dates, key terms, that you need to know from your class 10 History Notes .
  4. Make a list of important happening dates and learn it.
  5. Study in a group and exchange knowledge about chapters and important dates.
  6. Conduct a quiz with your friends, this will help you to know how much information you have for the subject.
  7. Ask your teacher if you want to get more concept about any topic.
  8. A student need to organize with the notes so that at the time of examination he/she doesn’t find any difficulty in studying the topics.
  9. Note down on your notebook, whatever you have studied in your class 10 History Notes.
  10. Solve all questions from Previous year Question Paper class 10 given in previous year section of Physics Wallah.

Tip: According to research, chewing a piece of gum helps a student to concentrate better in studies. A better remembrance capacity develops during the exam.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Q1. How many chapters are in class 10 history?

Ans. There are eight chapters in class 10 history which are below here –

  1. The Rise of Nationalism in Europe
  2. The Nationalist Movement in Indo-China
  3. Nationalism in India
  4. The Making of Global World
  5. The Age of Industrialization
  6. Work, Life, and Leisure
  7. Print Culture and the Modern World
  8. Novels, Society, and History

Q2. How NCERT solutions important for class 10 history?

Ans. NCERT solutions for classs 10 are one of the most important resources for obtaining high scores in board exams. These solutions not only help students strengthen their foundations in the subject, but also make them efficient enough to deal with different types of problems.

Q3. How class 10 history important?

Ans. History is one of the important subjects of class 10 of the CBSE because it is a crucial sub-subject of social studies. Scoring in history is therefore just as important as scoring in other subjects. In class 10 of the CBSE, history is about nationalism and industrialism and the past events that have influenced society. Physics Wallah presents history study materials that will help class 10 students to achieve good results in their exam.

Q4. How Physics Wallah is best for class 10 history?

Ans. Our class 10 history study material is prepared by subject experts of Physics Wallah who have in-depth knowledge of the subject. Our study material is according to the latest CBSE syllabus. Students who referred to our study resources can easily clear their concepts and do their homework. One of the main points of our study material is that it helps to develop regular study habits so that you can prepare your exams well. We also conduct a weekly test to understand all the concepts clearly and after that, you have any doubt then you can ask questions to our experts in the ask doubt section.

Q5. How to study class 10 history?

Ans. As we all know that history is feared by many students because of the quit vast syllabus and the vast memorization required. Follow these tips and you will find history easier –

  • Firstly decide which chapter you want to read and make up your mind for that chapter.
  • Once you decide then go through that chapter and read that chapter as a story. Do it three times.
  • Try to summarize the sequence of events in your head.
  • Now read again carefully and you will notice that things have settled in your head.
  • Consult the study guides and revision notes.
  • Maps are the key, so practice maps.

Q6. How to score marks in class 10 history?

Ans. Firstly, it is necessary to be clear about facts.

  • Remembering all the facts is no doubt a boring task, but it can be helpful to take separate notes for each chapter.
  • Prepare notes while reading a chapter. Revising these notes every morning can help preserve the facts better.
  • In addition to covering the facts, it is also important to have good writing skills to get good marks on long questions.
  • Practice sample papers and previous year question papers can help in keeping a check on speed and writing skills.

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