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NCERT Solutions Class 10 Social Science

Chapter wise NCERT Solutions Class 10 Social Science

NCERT Solutions for class 10 Social Science prepared by academic team of pw explains all questions asked in NCERT text book. Broadly NCERT Solutions for class 10 Social Science is sub-classified in three parts History, Geography and economics. If you are searching forNCERT Solutions for class 10 Social Science than you are in right place.

Class-X Board exam is one the most crucial exam in student’s life. Generally it is observed that students spend their maximum time in math’s and science subjects and ignore social science. Such method of preparation highly impact final score of your board exam. NCERT books and NCERT Solutions Class 10 Social Science are recommended by principle and school teachers to score good marks in class 10.

Tips For preparation of class 10 Social Science

  1. Always start preparation from month of April and take NCERT books as a main book
  2. For additional knowledge you can take some reference books or follow theory part mentioned in class 10 section of pw.
  3. NCERT Solutions Class 10 Social Science prepared by academic team of pw must be taken as reference notes .
  4. Start preparing note of class 10 social science. Always remember social science is subject of information.
  5. While preparing notes on class 10 social science make sure you have added all important bullet point which may asked in MCQ or objective questions.
  6. Refer previous year paper of class 10 social science. It will help you understand the pattern and important area of chapter.

Chapters in NCERT Social science class 10

NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Social Science Understanding Economic Development -Economics

  1. Chapter 1 - Development
  2. Chapter 2 - Sectors of the Indian Economy
  3. Chapter 3 - Money and Credit
  4. Chapter 4 - Globalisation and the Indian Economy
  5. Chapter 5 - Consumer Rights

NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Social Science India and the Contemporary World – II-History

  1. Chapter 1 - The Rise of Nationalism in Europe
  2. Chapter 2 - The Nationalist Movement in Indo-China
  3. Chapter 3 - Nationalism in India
  4. Chapter 4 - The Making of a Global World
  5. Chapter 5 - The Age of Industrialisation
  6. Chapter 6 - Work, Life and Leisure

NCERT solutions for class 10 social science civics- civics

  1. Chapter 1 - Power Sharing
  2. Chapter 2 - Federalism
  3. Chapter 3 - Democracy and Diversity
  4. Chapter 4 - Gender, Religion and Caste
  5. Chapter 5 - Popular Struggles and Movements
  6. Chapter 6 - Political Parties

How NCERT Solutions Class 10 Social Science help you to prepared well

  1. Preparation of social science in class 10 must start early
  2. Always listen to   your class lecture and note down the important points .
  3. Read carefully the NCERT theory of class 10 social science and solve all questions given in exercise of NCERT text book. Use NCERT solutions for class 10 social science for reference.
  4. Write down all the solution in your note book and after solving the exercise of NCERT take the reference of NCERT Solutions Class 10 Social Science prepared by pw .
  5. While reading the social science from NCERT mark down the important point in book itself or try to make a short note of the chapter this will help you for the revision .
  6. NCERT Solutions Class 10 Social Science is highly recommended for this activity.

Why Physics Wallah for NCERT Solutions for class 10 social science

All the NCERT chapter-wise solutions for class 10 Social Science by expert teachers for latest edition books and as per NCERT (CBSE) guidelines by senior faculty members of pw academic team .Answer of each question is proof-readied several time to provide errorless answer.

The syllabus of social science in class 10 divided into three parts one is History second is economics and third is civics .All three parts required different approach to understands . At first one must understand that these are topics which are informative so notes play very important role one must have very advance notes which covers entire topics and NCERT books play exceptional role while preparing notes and writing down the data.

NCERT Solutions Class 10 Social Science will be added advantage . you must make separate notes for all three sections and cover all segments of questions like fill in the blanks one marks and 5 marks questions.

FAQ For NCERT solutions for class 10 social science

Q-1.What are the features of NCERT Solutions for class 10 social science?

Ans-Here are some features of NCERT Solutions Class 10 Social Sciences.

1.Students will find answers to all questions given in the exercise.

2.The answers are explained in simple and easy to understand language.

3.These solutions will help students prepare for the board exams.

4.Students will know a more effective way to express their answers, which will help them get high marks on the exam.

5.Knowing the answers to all social studies chapters will make students feel more confident in the test.

Q-2.Why should I refer to NCERT Solutions for Social Studies 10th class?

Ans-The social studies program for class 10 includes subjects from four books. NCERT Solutions for the 10 social studies books of four are available on Physics Wallah in PDF format and can be downloaded for free. These solutions are prepared by highly experienced teachers. You can check out these NCERT solutions to easily understand the different social studies topics included in your syllabus. NCERT Solutions also helps you to effectively manage extended topics such as history and political science.

Q-3.How many books are included in the class 10 social science?

Ans-Students have four books in class 10 social science subject which are given below-

1.History – India and Contemporary World II

2.Geography – Contemporary India II

3.Political Science – Democratic Politics II

4.Economics – Understanding Economic Development

Q-4.Where can I download free NCERT Solutions for class 10 social science?

Ans-Physics Wallah offers NCERT Social Science Class 10 online textbook solutions. An excellent online learning platform, Physics Wallah designs the NCERT solution to help students with solutions to textbook questions, in plain language. These are provided by Physics Wallah subject matter experts who have many years of teaching experience and are familiar with the board's guidelines. Physics Wallah is a one-step solution where students can get the best quality NCERT solutions.

Q-5.How to score well in the Class 10 social science exam?

Ans-Many students find it difficult to score well on class 10 social studies papers. What they often do is blindly assault the answers so that they tend to forget the same thing during tests. Social studies are an interesting topic, and if students show genuine interest in the topic, grading for the topic won't be difficult. To achieve the same result, students must read each chapter two or three times until they have a good understanding of the chapter. Once students have completed the chapters, they can refer to the NCERT solutions prepared by Physics Wallah and learn how to take exams.

Q-6.How to prepare for exams using NCERT Solutions of Class 10 Social Science?

Ans-Students can prepare for the exam in the given below ways using NCERT solutions:

1.If you have a problem with the question, you can refer to the NCERT solution, as it will help you clarify your concept and help you in the best possible way.

2.NCERT solutions complete your preparation as you will be presented with a series of questions to solve.

3.You can also compose your study schedule and time that perfectly suits your wishes and needs.

4.When students are stuck somewhere, they can refer to these NCERT solutions for class 10 social studies.

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