Subjects of Class 9

Academic team of Physics Wallah prepared study material for class 9. CBSE Class 9 notes consist of step by explanation of theory for class 9 subjects with added solved questions and exercise which consist of MCQ. Read the theory given in the chapter and build your concept and application of concept in the solved numerical . Class 9 notes not only consist of detail theory of class 9 but also questions associated with these theories.

Introduction Class 9 Notes

Class 9 notes is prepared by expert faculty members of Physics Wallah aim of this study material is to prepare students for upcoming entrance exam and to build a solid foundation of basic maths and science. This study material consists of class 9 notes in subject wise.

Class 9 science is divided into three parts to have better understanding of the chapter .Each subject notes of class 9 notes consist of chapter wise notes having detail theory of the chapter With all required example and sub topics and solved questions.

Each chapter consist of well-designed theory covering entire concept of the chapter in sub topics and exercise which is well equipped with MCQ based questions at the end of chapter mind map will cover entire theory of class 9 chapters and help you to revise quickly.

Subject Wise Class 9 Notes

Right strategies to use class 9 notes

Class 9 notes are classified into four parts as maths notes, chemistry notes, physics notes, and biology notes. And every part required different approach to have better understanding of the subjects. Each subject consists of detail theory with added sub topics having detail explanation of particular topics.

Few sub topics which required we have added sufficient solved examples in class 9 notes. Solved example helps you to understand the concept and how to apply the concept in the questions.Class 9 maths required additional practice for that Physics Wallah uploaded large number of questions for practice these questions are subjective as well as MCQ based to give you an additional edge in subjects.

Make sure you have gone through NCERT textbook before class 9 notes and you have your subject notes ready with you try to solve the questions given in the exercise and while solving the questions use as a reference NCERT Solutions prepared by Physics Wallah.

Why Physics Wallah for class 9 Notes

Academic team of Physics Wallah prepared the study material for class 9 students. These study materials are bit higher level as compared to NCERT and may consist of few additional topics or chapter which are very important to have good foundation of the subject.Before going to solve the questions given in class 9 notes make sure you have revise Maths Formulas and Science Formulas it will help you to apply concepts in the MCQ questions given in the exercise.

If any students need to take the online test to check their concepts or undertstanding then they can visit Online Quiz for Class 9.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Q1. How can these class 9 notes help you?

Ans. Class 9 notes help you with a different purpose for a different subject. Some students can use these notes for revision purposes and some used to boost their knowledge. Here are some best ways when these notes help you-

  1. You should revise class 9 notes immediately after reading chapters on the weekends and before exams. It will help you to remember the points and concepts for a longer time.
  2. When you are solving some questions and get stuck at some point, open these revision notes, and quickly check your problem.

Q2. Is class 9 easy?

Ans. Class 9 is not so easy and preparing CBSE class 9 exams is not an easy task. There is a vast NCERT syllabus to cover in a short period. It’s necessary to stay sharp and focused on their studies. So, you just study hard and understand the concepts. Here are some study tips which become helpful to you –

  1. It is essential that firstly you should make your timetable and follow a proper timetable.
  2. Well, each student knows their weak subject so be focused and repeatedly study that subject.
  3. Make your notes with the help of the NCERT textbook and highlight the main points.
  4. Solve previous year question papers, sample papers that will give you an idea of what type of questions come in exams.
  5. These study tips for class 9 CBSE will surely help you to achieve good marks in exams.

Q3. Are the solutions of Physics Wallah, enough to score good marks in class 9?

Ans. Our solutions are prepared to the point. The answers to the practice questions are given with examples and are 100% accurate. Our solutions will make your exam preparation easier as they are prepared according to the guidelines of CBSE Syllabus and NCERT Book.

Use as reference Physics Wallah NCERT Solutions for Class 9. Our solutions help you to make a solid foundation with all important concepts in plain language. The exercise covers all the main topics and sub-topics of the chapter in class 9. You can also clear up all your doubts and in this way, you can get really good results in class 9.

Q4. How many subjects are there in class 9 and which one is important?

Ans. Well, according to CBSE’s latest syllabus there are 5 main subjects in class 9 – English, Hindi, Maths, Science and S.S.T and if talk about importance every subject is important in the examination point of view.

Q5. Is it necessary to solve all the NCERT questions given at the end of the chapters?

Ans. Yes, the questions given at the end of the chapters in the NCERT textbook are important for understanding the concepts at the end and it is also important for examination. Solving NCERT problems will help you –

  • Remove all the doubts that arise in your mind about concepts and formulas you learned.
  • Be familiar with a different type of questions that can be asked during exams.
  • Improve your accuracy and speed.

Q6. Is an NCERT class 9 book clear your concepts more than the side books?

Ans. Well, the answer is that NCERT books are completely accomplished in their way, and CBSE will ask little more questions from these books. Students should read and study these books in detail. As far as side books are concerned, it doesn't harm to study from them, but then you should be more than 100% sure that you have covered all the lines of NCERT. Before switching to other books, study NCERT books thoroughly. NCERT books will provide you a better understanding of the concepts rather than other books. You can choose side books as an option, but NCERT should always remain your first choice.

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