Subjects of Class 12

CBSE Class 12 Notes are prepared for the students who wants to focus on CBSE board along with entrance exam preparation like JEE & NEET.Class 12 Notes is structurally designed such a way that this study notes will help you in your CBSE class 12 board exam as well as JEE and NEET. Class 12 notes are prepared for subjects Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Zoology and Botany.And consist of chapter wise in-depth study notes of all subjects having subtopics and explained in such a way that it will enhance your learning.

About Physics Wallah Class 12 Notes

Academic team of Physics Wallah prepared a detail class 12 notes for all subjects of science and maths focusing on class 12 board exam with entrance exam like JEE and NEET.These study materials are prepared by best faculty of JEE and NEET coaching while preparing class 12 notes all majors are taken so that it will not only boost your preparation for CBSE class 12 board but also very useful for entrance exam like JEE and NEET.Class 12 notes are as per the new guild line of CBSE and NTA .

Now onwards class 12 board exam will have good number of questions which are MCQ or objective type of questions .In this study material you will not only get the best class 12 notes but also good level of questions for practice while practicing the questions if you face any problem to address such doubts, we have added detail solution of all questions added in the class 12 notes.

Subject Wise Class 12 Notes

How to use class 12 notes

At Physics Wallah you will get all required resource for class 12 that includes in depth study material ,questions ,previous year papers ,JEE mock test, NEET mock test , online test , revision material and many more.Start with NCERT text book read the theory given in NCERT text book of class 12 and make a detail notes for class 12.Once you understood the theory part of chapter solve all questions of exercise given in NCERT text book while solving the questions of NCERT exercise take help form Physics Wallah NCERT Solutions for Class 12.

Physics Wallah ncert solutions are error less and each and every question is explained very well as per the guideline of CBSE.After doing all the work related to NCERT now move to Physics Wallah class 12 notes write down all important points in your notes and make sure you have attempted questions from class 12-chapter wise online test.

Before solving the maths download Maths Formulas it will help you to do faster calculation in MCQ based questions.Do solve questions given in the exercise of class 12 notes.Revise physics from Physics Formulas so read the important questions of class 12.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How Physics Wallah class 12 notes are helpful for aspirents who are in class 12?

Ans. Class 12 notes consists of detail notes of all subjects like Maths, chemistry, Physics and zoology Botany . You will receive multiple-choice questions (MCQ) based on all subjects with concepts, Important questions practice MCQ. You choose the most appropriate answer to a Question and then move on to the next question without wasting time. You will receive your online test result after completing the full test.

Q2. How do I study Class 12 Notes prepared by Physics Wallah?

Ans. Before Going through class 12 notes of Physics Wallah, read the detailed theory from your textbook. NCERT Textbooks are highly recommended and will try to resolve any issues related to NCERT books. You can also get help from Physics Wallah NCERT solutions created by experienced Physics Wallah teachers. We have added all NCERT solutions in detail to give you more conceptual clarity. This will help you grade faster and get good grades on the online test.Read the theory given in each chapter and solve all questions given in the Exercise.

Q3. Why is the revision material important for subjects of class 12?

Ans. Review notes are required to aid in a theoretical understanding of the topics and to conduct online testing. If you forget to take a any topic class, you may not be able to understand the ideas in the lessons. Watch the video for more information or review the information gained during the sessions. In this video, our experts share advice or an example of how useful chemical concepts can be applied in real life. These exams will make you love subjects and fun taking the online test.

Q4. How can a student get good grades in class 12 on an online test using class 12 Notes?

Ans. The Physics Wallah has created class 12 Notes, which is a detailed theory that explains in detail all the concepts and points that will help students build a solid foundation. Physics Wallah will provide you with all the sample documents. MCQ helps you test your concepts. For online testing, you must follow NCERT Subjects Solutions at Physics Wallah.

Q5. Why should you choose Physics Wallah for your online test for class 12?

Ans. At Physics Wallah, the experts brought a great online test for all classes to keep students focused. A unique way of teaching and learning is available online. The Physics Wallah online test is also special in that students can access it at any time. The best of the class always prefers the Physics Wallah team's online test.

Q6. What are the benefit of Physics Wallah class 12 Notes?

Ans. The Class 12 Notes at Physics Wallah are divided in chapters and topics to help you describe the transitions that occur in each chapter.

  1. Class 12 Notes will help you to score good marks not only in school exams but also in competitive entrance exams.
  2. Having conceptula clearity in class 12 will help you better understanding of all subjects of class 12.
  3. Subject like physics , chemistry and Biology of class 12 consist of topic that gives way to a lot of scientific research.

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