Embryonic Development of Class 12

All metazoans develop from a single cell stage, zygote, the product of fertilization which divides mitotically and through many sequential steps develops into the parent like form. The process is called embryogenesis.

Development of an individual from an asexual reproductive body is called blastogenesis.


  • Aristotle – Father of embryology; Von Baer – Father of modern embryology.
  • R.V. Graff (1672) Human ovary and ovarian follicle with ovum
  • Leeuwenhoek (1677) Human sperm
  • Pander (1817) 3 primary germinal layers, in chick
  • Newport (1854) Fertilization in frog
  • Haeckel (1891) Biogenetic law
  • Spemann (1935) Organizer concept (Nobel Prize in 1935)
  • W. Roux (1850-1924) Father of experimental embryology
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