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Full Test for JEE Mains

Joint Entrance Examination, more prominently known as JEE is one of the significant examinations. It holds certain importance for students looking forward to making their career in engineering or technical background. The team at Physics Wallah has presented the most advanced JEE Main Mock test for students.From 2020 there are 75 questions in JEE Main.25 in each subject of which 20 are MCQ based and 5 are integer based.In the above Mock test we have added 90 questions MCQ based to have better practice of MCQ.And added separate sheet of integer based question.

With lacks of students appearing from all over India, arises a different paradigm of competition. With modification in the type of examination being conducted, it has led to a change of certain aspects in preparing.

Why JEE Mock Test is important?

The JEE is conducted as Computer Based Test (CBT), this has raised students to brace up themselves for examinations. Students looking forward to scoring topmost marks in their examinations must always thrive for JEE Main Mock test with complete dedication.

The prominent benefit of JEE Main Mock test is that students can test themselves for their preparation. Since it was crucial to get one self-comfortable with the examination problems. The team at Physics Wallah has left no stones unturned in order to ensure that students attain maximum out of these tests. The complete layout has been layer according to the final examination.

We ensure students if they relentlessly follow this study plan they are destined to score topmost marks. Students looking for a holistic study plan then they must follow the JEE Main Mock test for their examinations. These test series is not only prepared with respect to JEE but also other competitive exams. Through JEE Main Mock test students can also brush up their preparation for various other national level competitive examinations.

The team at Physics Wallah provides a holistic approach to target specific topics which bring maximum marks. Students preparing for examination need to focus on various topics along with syllabus being very wide. Through a planned preparation of each topic through these test series, a revision could be easily targeted. At Physics Wallah, we believe in initiating preparation for tomorrow right from today.

How to Study for JEE effectively?

The team has done an extensive analysis for JEE Main Mock test that comprises of all the topics. All the previous questions have been thoroughly studied to prepare this test series. All the important topics have been covered very specifically. Our faculties are already acquainted with the topics that are most repeated in JEE paper. The experts in our team have already aced various national examinations.

It brings us great pride to assists students with our extensive experience of helping students to top various national level examinations. Whereas most of the students need to struggle, students learning through Entarncei would be very cleared with their topics.

Why Physics Wallah is best for JEE Preparation?

The JEE Main Mock test provided by our team has always been the top preference of topper students. Since students can just solve this test series and score topmost marks in their other competitive examinations.

All the important topics are well effectively included while preparing this study material. Students can also find a perfect strategy to score topmost marks. The complete JEE Main Mock test has been provided for free. Students can download it with a single click. The complete set has been prepared that it could be shared among the friends.

Best strategies to give JEE Online Mock test.

You have 180 minutes to solve 90 questions in the above mock test although now there are 25 questions.If you are appearing for JEE Mains mock test means, you have 3 minutes to attempt a single questions.There are several method to proceed or attempt the 90 questions, but with pre plan strategies before exam can help you score better.Just follow the following steps

step-1 Allocate 15 minutes to read 90 question.While reading all question make a list by using pen and papers e.g.easy questions: 4,6,9,13,17,27,..... moderates question: 2,8,14,44,..... difficult questions: 19,23,37,......

Step-2 After marking start solving all question marked easy.

Step-3 In second round of attempting question solve all question marked under moderates questions.

Step-4 Solve all difficult questions don’t give more than 3 minutes of time in this segments.

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