NEET 2022 Sample Papers

National Eligibility Entrance Examination or NEET has been the most prominent examination for medical students. Students seeking admission in professional courses like MBBS or BDS have to appear in this examination. The team at Physics Wallah has come forward with the exhaustive collection of NEET Sample papers.

The exam with about 17 lack of students appearing every year, it is one of the most competitive exams every year. The sample paper has been the most crucial component of all competitive examination. Student’s appearing for this examination are already stressful, where these sample papers can relieve stress to a certain extent.

Why Sample Papers are important?

Students can prepare themselves accordingly with the pattern of NEET Sample papers for the exam. These sample papers give an optimum insight into the difficulty level of examination. These sample papers are prepared according to the latest syllabus and papers. These sample papers are useful in gauging one’s strengths and weaknesses.

The objective behind creating these sample papers is to help students gauge their weakness and strengths. These sample papers could be attempted after completing the syllabus of NEET. The team at Physics Wallah has made extensive efforts to prepare NEET Sample papers for students. Students can get themselves with real-time analytics from these sample papers. It is necessary for students to get themselves acquainted with the exam pattern.

NEET Sample Paper

These sample papers not only boost student’s confidence but also help them get comfortable before the examination. Since NEET is a challenging exam there always exists a certain part of improvement. Students can improvise their speed and accuracy of solving numerical. With only 180 minutes in hand, students can enhance their time management skills through NEET Sample papers provided by Physics Wallah.

How to Study for NEET effectively?

The team at Physics Wallah has taken extensive efforts of reviewing all previous year question papers to provide these sample papers. These sample papers are bifurcated into various segments of difficulty level. The team at Physics Wallah comprises of various experts with years of experience in assisting students to attain their medical course dream. These NEET Sample papers are prepared with a holistic approach for various competitive exams.

These papers can also be utilised by students to revise complete syllabus just before the exams. Many a time’s students often miss out various important topics. In order to make sure no topics are issued by students, we have provided a comprehensive list of NEET Sample papers.

It is mandatory for students to make sure that they don’t miss any of the topics. The team has done the extensive analysis to find the most appropriate questions for examination.

Why Physics Wallah is best for NEET Sample Papers?

These NEET Sample papers have always been the topmost preference of toppers in various schools. We assist students to achieve their academic goals. The complete set of sample papers have been prepared in Pdf format. These papers could be easily shared among friends.

All the papers have been made available for free on the website of Physics Wallah. Students only need to sign up with us. All the sample papers have been thoroughly checked by experts. Climb the ladders to success with Physics Wallah.

NEET Sample papers with Detail solutions

Wants to score good marks in NEET ? if your answer is yes you need focus for two year preparations and proper use of NEET Sample papers.The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) 2019 exam will take place in pen and paper mode (offline) on 5th May 2019.The National Test Agency (NTA) is organizing the exam in a single session.

The NEET 2019 exam will take place on 5th May 2019.There is no change in the pattern of the exam. And almost 90 percent questions are directly from NCERT books .NEET Sample papers in such exam can help you a lot with proper utilisation and use of NEET Sample papers can improve your score.Before moving to discussion on how NEET Sample papers can help you to score good marks in NEET lets discuss the difficulty level.

How NEET Sample Papers can help you

Academic team of Physics Wallah uploaded NEET Sample papers. Each NEET Sample paper having questions from all four parts of physics,chemistry,zoology and botany.The difficulty level are similar as asked in NEET paper.Physics Wallah experts taken care of proper weightage of NCERT text book questions in each sample paper.All NEET sample papers are with detail solutions.Download the pdf from above links and follow the following tips to use NEET sample Papers.

  1. Solve NEET Sample Papers once you complete your syllabus.
  2. Solve NEET Sample Papers in given period of time.
  3. Check and allocate marks with the help of NEET Sample Papers solution.
  4. Find your mistake and work on it.
  5. Give more focus on Physics subject.

Overall level of difficulty and section wise difficulty level of NEET

The test is 3 hours and there are 180 questions.Each question carries 4 marks.For each correct response, the candidate will get 4 marks. For each incorrect response, one-fourth of the marks (1 mark) will be deducted. The maximum marks are 720. All the questions have exactly one correct option.

The paper consists of 3 sections: Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, where Physics and Chemistry Section consists of 45 questions and Biology Section consists of 90 questions.

Physics Wallah NEET sample papers are prepared on same pattern with the same difficulty level to feel you exam competitions .

Let’s check out the difficulty level and type of questions asked in NEET-2019

Subjects Total Number of Question Marks per Question Total Marks
Physics 45 4 Marks Each 180
Chemistry 45 4 Marks Each 180
Biology (Botany + Zoology) 90 4 Marks Each 360

NEET 2019 Weightage of Physics Section

Topic No. of Questions
Electrostatic and Magnetism 7
Current Electricity and EMI 5
Heat and Thermodynamics 3
mechanics 20
Optics and Modern Physics 10

NEET 2019 Weightage of Chemistry Section


No. of Questions

Inorganic Chemistry


Organic Chemistry


Physical Chemistry


NEET 2019 Weightage of Biology Section







Academic team of Physics Wallah prepared NEET sample paper with solutions. All NEET sample paper are solved with mentioning each and every steps . to score good marks in NEET and other medical entrance exam. one must try to solve each and every question given in sample papers by yourself NEET sample paper Solutions are uploaded for reference only.

Before solving the questions of Sample papers revise the entire syllabus of NEET try to remember entire formula use in major and important topics from your notes . Revise important pointer of biology

Why Physics Wallah Sample papers and Resourse

Physics Wallah is India’s largest online content website for K-12 for class 11 &12 students who are appearing for NEET or another medical entrance exam we have uploaded detail Class 11 & 12 Notes for all subjects like Zoology,Botany,Physics, and chemistry. With these notes, you can prepare for Olympiad and it gives you solid foundation for upcoming class and exam like NEET,AIIMS,AFMC.

Get more than 45000 objective and subjective questions for classes 11 & 12 with online chapter wise test and sample papers apart from this get detail options,exam information, previous year papers and many more content.

Download the free NEET sample papers from the link mentioned above and start practicing for the exam .

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is the best approach to solve NEET Sample papers?

Ans. The best approach to solve NEET Sample papers is solve these sample papers after your syllabus complete. Once you have revised entire syllabus it is the right time to attempt the questions given in the NEET Sample papers. While attempting the NEET Sample papers make sure you are solving it in the time mentioned in the sample paper don’t take any help form your note book while solving the NEET Sample papers. Do a proper evaluation of your answers with the help of detail solutions provided in the sample papers.

Q2. Are Physics Wallah NEET Sample papers being free to download?

Ans. All the NEET Sample papers with detail solutions prepared by experts of Physics Wallah are available to all aspirants of NEET for free of cost you can download all sample papers with solutions.

Q3. Is NEET Sample papers available subject wise?

Ans. We have uploaded each NEET Sample papers in two parts one part consist of questions based on physics and chemistry and second part consist of questions from botany and zoology. You can download the solutions of both the parts in different pdf.

Q4. Are these NEET Sample papers are having same pattern as NEET?

Ans. Yes, our experts prepared NEET Sample papers with the same pattern as asked in NEET and we have tried to cover all questions from NCERT textbook to give you similar types of questions which are asked in NEET exams. We have added additional 10 questions in each sample paper to enhance your practice.

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