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NTSE previous year paper Year & Zone Wise

NTSE which goes by name National Talent Search Exam is one of the prestigious competitive examinations.NTSE has been every year organised by NCERT council of India.Here the team at PhysicsWallah has come forward with their extensive plan for assisting student appearing for NTSE through NTSE previous year papers.In order to crack such a competitive examination, it is crucial for students to have the proper preparation.The team at PhysicsWallah comprises of experts with years of experience in guiding students for their NTSE dream.We help students with a methodological and smart plan to forge their progress.NCERT Text book is must for NTSE do solve all questions given in NCERT with the help of NCERT solutions for class 10.

Year wise NTSE Previous Year Papers with answer key pdf


Why NTSE tests are important?

In order to get acquainted with the exam pattern, it is crucial to solving NTSE previous year papers provided by us. Students can easily know about the type of questions asked in the final exam. The previous year’s help students in getting acquainted with the marking schema as well as the difficulty level of questions asked in examinations.

It is necessary to under the subject wise weight-age for marks in the papers.The team at PhysicsWallah round the clock involved in assimilating all the NTSE previous year papers for students.These papers are of great help in understanding one’s strengths and weakness. Students through their sheer practice of NTSE previous year papers can improvise their preparation.

Over the PhysicsWallah students can all the NTSE previous year papers with just a signal click. Solve these papers with the same environment and aura of the final examination. After solving these papers students can analyse their preparation. The team at PhysicsWallah wants to fill in the gaps of knowledge.Students can also plan their study plan according to the questions mentioned.The team at PhysicsWallah comprises of experts from varied fields. 

How to Study for NTSE effectively?

The team is very well acquainted with the possible questions to be asked in the NTSE paper.The sole idea behind enforcing these NTSE previous year papers is that they help students to get acquainted with the possible questions asked in the examinations.The real-time experience just like NTSE helps themselves in bracing up themselves. It is very important to get acquainted with the marking scheme and exam pattern they need to follow. In order to face such a competitive exam, it is crucial to follow a holistic test paper.The team at PhysicsWallah has bifurcated and planned various segment of difficulty levels. Student’s right from their home can analyse their performance. In such a competitive exam, a single mistake can cost you a seat.

Why PhysicsWallah is best for NTSE Preparation?

To mitigate the mistakes of students we have provided students with holistic NTSE previous year papers for their preparation.The real-time management could be effectively utilised for scoring more marks, students can effectively focus upon enhancing their marks.

The team at PhysicsWallah is completely dedicated to providing a complete preparing study material. All these NTSE previous year papers have been provided are made available for free. Students with a single click can download all the question papers. A regular preparation can help students score topmost marks in their NTSE exam. All students need to do is to sign up with us.Get along PhysicsWallah to attain success right from today.

NTSE is most prestigious exams at national level ,and TSE previous year paper can help you a lot .One must analysis NTSE previous year paper this will help you to understand the pattern of papers and type of questions asked in NTSE previous year paper.This test analyse the students scientific temperament, reasoning ability and logical thinking, around twelve lack students appears in this national level exam.A student who is appearing for NTSE exam should prepared accordingly, as we know topics which are covered in NTSE are from NCERT but the level of question is much higher as compared to normal CBSE exam.Question which are asked in NTSE are Multiple choice Objective questions, true – false statement based questions, match the column and diagram based questions.

Right Approach to prepare for NTSE

Student should prepare accordingly keeping in mind the pattern of exam.To understand the pattern of NTSE exam NTSE previous year paper are very helpful.You can also download the NTSE sample papers from PhysicsWallah.

Practice multiple choice based questions on every topic of NCERT or from NTSE previous year paper go through the diagrams and table given in NCERT and try to learn the data, because questions are framed on these tables or diagrams. While solving NTSE previous year paper do not take help from solutions and try to solve NTSE previous year paper by yourself.Any questions which you can’t solve than take help from NCERT text book or ask your class teacher.This is the best way to solve NTSE previous year paper.

Try to understand the topic rather than simply learning the facts.Because you would be able to answer only if you understand the content well.Try to develop logical thinking with subject, it would help to understand the questions in the examination period.

Practice mock test for NTSE, lots of Mock test papers are available online, attempt these papers within a time frame with accuracy.It is the biggest hurdle in qualifying NTSE exam.

Students you should know your weakness and strength, work on weakness and covert them into your strength.

NCERT text book are highly recommend book for NTSE ,make sure you have note down all important points from NCERT text book and solve all questions given in the NCERT text book.While solving the questions from exercise of NCERT text book you can take reference from PhysicsWallah NCERT solutions it will help you to select the right approach while solving questions.

FAQ for NTSE Previous year paper

Q-1.What is the NTSE exam?

Ans-The National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) is a prestigious scholarship exam conducted by NCERT for Grade 10 students from across India. NTSE is organized into two phases: Phase 1 and Phase 2. Students who pass Phase 1 may appear for the Phase 2 exam. NTSE is a very competitive exam. To pass this exam, students must have a smart and methodical preparation plan. One of the most important aspects of preparing for NTSE is solving NTSE questionnaires.

Q-2.How NTSE previous year papers helpful for students?

Ans-Solving last year's NTSE questionnaires will help in many ways. It helps students get a good idea of the exam pattern and the types of questions asked during the NTSE exam and also helps students to well-known with the grading scheme, difficulty of questions, and also the severity of assorted subjects. Most significantly, students learn where they stand in terms of preparation - what are their strengths and weaknesses, and what exactly they have to try and do to enhance.

Q-3.How can I get good marks in the NTSE exam?

Ans-Preparation tips for NTSE exam-

1.Understand the syllabus and exam pattern first.

2.Understand your strength and weakness; it will help you to focus on the right things.

3.Take mock tests, practice tests, and previous year papers as it is one of the best ways to not just check your progress but also to check your level among other students.

4.Revision is the key to success so revise regularly.

5.Solve previous year papers, this will help you understand the exam pattern and the type of questions asked, and if you have any doubt ask experts of PhysicsWallah on our website.

Q-4.What are the benefits of solving NTSE previous year papers?

Ans- There are lots of benefit of NTSE previous year papers such as.

1.While solving the NTSE questionnaires, students can analyze their strengths and weaknesses and then work on them.

2.The NTSE questionnaires are designed to reflect the trend in questions asked during the exam. This way the candidates know which topics need to be highlighted.

3.Candidates can work on their shortcomings using the regular practice of last year's NTSE questionnaires.

4.NTSE papers from previous years are also designed to allow candidates to work on their speed, efficiency, and time management skills, which are extremely important when taking the exam.

Q-5.How tough is NTSE?

Ans-Well, it's not that difficult to pass the exam. With good planning and extra effort, nothing is impossible. When an aspirant studies diligently at school and focuses on the concepts behind the subjects, cracking NTSE isn't that difficult. The Practice is a must to pass the exam.

Q-6.How PhysicsWallah is best for NTSE previous year papers?

Ans-The PhysicsWallah team is committed to providing complete learning materials. To reduce the mistakes of the students, we have provided the students with holistic NTSE papers from last year in preparation. All of these NTSE documents from last year were made available free of charge. Students download all issues with one click. A student who shows up for the NTSE exam should prepare accordingly as we know that the subjects covered in NTSE are from NCERT, but the level of questions is much higher compared to the normal CBSE exam. You just have to register with us. Stop by PhysicsWallah for success starting today.

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