Sample Paper

What are Sample Papers

Sample papers are question papers which consist of sample pattern of questions asked in exam of which the sample paper is designed.For example if you download JEE sample papers from Physics Wallah you will get the same pattern of JEE Main questions with detail solutions.Academic team of Physics Wallah prepared sample papers of different entrance exam as well as sample papers for CBSE board exam.

Sample paper solving is the best practice to have exam preparation.Solving sample papers in the given period of time will help you to find the mistake and error what you do in the exam and help you to improve your skill in exam.Do solve questions from NCERT with the help of NCERT Solutions.

How to use Sample Papers

  1. The best way to solve sample papers are just to follow the instruction given in the sample papers.
  2. Download the required sample papers allocate time to yourself based on the time mentioned in the sample papers and start solving the paper.
  3. After completing the paper check your answers by yourself allocate marks and find your score.
  4. Start analyzing the mistake work on the mistake find the error which you have done while solving the paper and start working on it.
  5. Write all the mistake which you have done and focus on those weaker area. This is the best way to do improve yourself and enhanced your practice towards the right goal.

Revise well before attempting Sample Papers

Academic team of Physics Wallah prepared sample papers for all most all entrance exam from class 7 to 12.It includes board exam as well.All sample papers are with detail solutions.

We have uploaded almost 700 sample papers for your practice.You can get all required study recourses for any entrance or school exam for k-12 at Physics Wallah.

There are few thinks which one have to do before attempting to solve the sample papers.
  • First step get the syllabus of the exam which you are preparing and understand thoroughly the syllabus of the exam.
  • After analyzing the syllabus check out the previous year paper of the entrance exam or school exam for which you are preparing.This will help you to understand the pattern of exam and help you what to be read and what to be left.
  • Revise the entre syllabus through your notes.Revise all the required formulas and bullet points check out Physics Wallah it consists of revision material of all most all entrance exam.
  • Take the help of NCERT solution for the better revision.
  • Ensure you have revised the entire syllabus of the entrance exam before attempting the sample papers.

Benefits of Physics Wallah Sample Papers

Academic team of Physics Wallah consist of large number of subject experts having decade of experience of training students for different entrance exam and board exam.Before uploading sample papers for the particular entrance exam our expert analysis the syllabus and previous year papers our experts also analyze the weightage of chapter.

Physics Wallah take all majors to avoid any type of error and try to give you errorless sample papers.Physics Wallah sample papers are highly recommended by several teacher across county to have better practice and gives final revision of your preparation for all major entrance exam as well as CBSE class 10 and 12th board exam.

Physics Wallah uploaded more than 5 sample papers for each exam.  All sample papers mentioned above are with detail solutions.

Physics Wallah Resource to help you in revision

In most of the entrance exam maths is one subject.Before solving the maths sample paper it is highly recoomened to go through maths formula.Revise maths formula from Physics Wallah.Similarly, we have uploaded chemistry and physic formulas. Science formula for class 9 and 10.

For board exam you can find important questions as well as previous year papers.Read from the detail theory of all subjects solve questions given in the exercise and try online test.

Brief descriptions about Sample Papers.

Academic team of Physics Wallah uploaded large number of sample papers of different entrance as well as board exam. Few most common entrances exam sample papers are.

JEE Main Sample Papers

JEE Mains change its pattern for 2020 but the format and level of difficulty remain same earlier there are 30 questions in each subject totaling 90 questions having 360 marks now it is reduced to 25 question in each paper and having integer-based questions.We have added integer-based question separately in JEE section you can practice it well from JEE sections.

NEET Sample Papers

NEET will be one entrance exam for all most all medical college of India so any students aspiring to become doctor for such students NEET is mandatory.To excel in NEET students needed good level of practice with correct strategies, NEET sample paper will help you a lot.

Physics Wallah NEET sample papers are well designed to given you feel of real exam and you can well evaluated your preparation with finding the correct mistakes and area of improvement of the chapters .

BITSAT Sample Papers

Although BITSAT is completely online it is highly recommended to solve the questions from BITSAT sample papers.BITSAT is all about the speed and accuracy the questions asked in BITSAT are relatively easy as compared to JEE mains, but you will get less time to solve.

Practicing from sample papers of BITSAT will defiantly help you a lot.Physics Wallah team prepared 8 sample papers of BITSAT with detail solution of each and every question to help you and given you an approach to solve the paper.

NTSE Sample Papers

NTSE is most important and respectable entrance exam for class 10 students and need a proper guidance to prepare for it.In addition to hard work students? lot of academic resource to excel in this exam and one of the most impotent recourse required is NTSE sample papers.

Academic team of Physics Wallah prepared 10 sample papers for NTSE based on general pattern with the help of all state NTSE papers pattern.All sample papers are with detail step by step explanation of solutions.

CBSE Class 10 Board Sample Papers

CBSE class 10 board is the most crucial exam of your academic journey and you need two most common study material to excel in it one is previous year CBSE class 10 board paper which helps you to understand the pattern of exam and second is CBSE Sample papers.

From 2020 the pattern of CBSE class 10 is change a lot with the addition of MCQ based questions. Solving more and more sample papers will help you to identify the correct strategies to attempt the final exam.

CBSE Class 12 Sample Papers

Physics Wallah focus on maths and science subjects we have uploaded sample papers of maths and science for CBSE class 12 board based on the new pattern recommended by CBSE .MCQ or objective type question weightage increased as compared to previous year.

Our sample papers for class 12 consist of questions based on new pattern to give you exactly same feel of CBSE class 12 board exam. Academic team of Physics Wallah uploaded sample papers for CBSE class 12 for the subject like maths, science, physics, chemistry and biology.

JEE Advance Sample Papers

JEE advance is one of the most difficult entrance exams of India for K-12. The questions asked in JEE Advance is of all format like MCQ based single choice correct, MCQ based multiple choice correct, integer based, match the following comprehensive.

Have you seen any exam having such types of questions? i.e., why JEE advance is one of the toughest entrance exams. While preparing for JEE advance you required all type of study material and content to solve questions from any format.

Physics Wallah uploaded all such types of questions. Physics Wallah prepared subject wise JEE Advance Sample papers with detail solutions, in JEE Advance Sample papers you will get questions from physics, chemistry and maths in separate section and each paper having different pattern to practice you all type of questions. Always remember different pattern required different approach to solve the questions.

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