Integer Type questions for jee main

JEE main pattern of exams is going to be changed from 2020. Previously there are 30 MCQ-based questions having one correct choice answer are asked in JEE mains. Based on new pattern there are 25 questions in each subject which consist of 20 questions MCQ based and 5 are integer based or numerical type questions.

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integer type questions

Subject wise Integer type questions

Academic team of Physics Wallah prepared Integer Type questions chapter-wise for the subjects physics, chemistry and maths.The following links are Integer Type questions for the chapters of above subjects. Download the pdf of Integer Type questions for the chapter which you want to solve. 

What is Integer Type questions?

In MCQ Type question you will get four options in each question and only one choice is correct.Whereas Integer Type questions are having different format. Integer type questions there is no option and its one kind of subjective questions which can be solved in few lines type on the kind of answer Integer type questions are of two types.

  1. Integer type questions.
  2. Numerical type question.

In Integer type questions the answer will be of one number like 0 to 9 . No fractional answer whereas numerical type questions are having any numerical number and can be fractional in JEE they accept two digits after decimal are most common questions.

How to prepare Integer type questions

With the new pattern of JEE now Integer type questions are very important and need to be solved quickly .it required good level of practice and strategies to solve Integer type questions. In the above paragraph you have understood what Integer Type questions is.let’s discuss what the right approach to become expert in solving Integer type questions.

  1. Read the theory of chapter before start practicing the questions.Understand the formulas and note down all important points of the chapter start solving the subjective solve questions it will help you to develop approach to attempt the numerical.
  2. Download Physics Wallah Integer type questions given in this page we have uploaded chapter wise Integer type questions for your reference and start solving these questions once you are confident in the theoretical knowledge of chapter.
  3. While solving the Integer type questions don’t take help from your notes or any reference book.Give adequate time to solve the questions because it don’t have any options so you won’t get any hint from the questions and you have to find out the right approach.

Why Integer type questions are important for JEE

According to the new pattern of JEE all the Integer type questions or numerical type questions asked in JEE mains are without negative marking.We highly recommend to solve Integer type questions of all subjects of physic ,chemistry and maths in first 30 minutes . Once you ensure you have solve all questions of Integer type questions now move to MCQ questions of JEE.

There is no risk of solving Integer type questions in JEE because you are not going to lose any marks if you do incorrect the only think which you should consider is time . If you are not confident about how to solve Integer Type questions asked in exam than don’t invest more than one minutes to solve in first round. Be specific while solving the Integer Type questions.If you won’t get the right answer do not waste lot of time. So be specific while solving the Integer type questions and get the right approach.

Solving Integer type questions in chemistry

You have three parts in chemistry one is physical second is inorganic and last is organic chemistry .Maximum Integer type questions are prepared from physical chemistry as physical chemistry is numerical based.It is easy to frame questions for physical chemistry .In past five year of JEE advance it is observed that maximum Integer type questions are asked from stereochemistry.Generally in JEE questions integer based questions are on number of isomers and types of isomer form.Few questions are based on by products also.

You need to write number of byproducts produce in particular reactions .Mechanism-based questions also asked on number of intermediate produces in a particular reaction.

Solving Integer type questions in Maths

In maths Integer type questions can be framed from any topic.You need to work in every chapter to solve Integer type questions based on maths.Solving more and more questions from different book will gives you additional advantage to think in a different directions to solving the Integer type questions.

Permutation and combination are most favourite chapter to have good number of Integer type questions. Solving subjective questions will help you to build solid foundation of the concept as well as help you to prepare for Integer type questions. Do practice from subjective questions given in the text book.Solve questions given in NCERT text book and take help from Physics Wallah NCERT solutions.

Solving Integer type questions in Physics

Physics is subject of application of concepts in the numerical ,Integer type questions are most fitted in this subject and applied in all most all topics.Solving questions from HC Verma will help you a lot ,for reference you can use Physics Wallah HC Verma Solutions. Mechanics is key area where you must focus to crack these questions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What are integer type questions?

Ans. 30 MCQs type questions are asked in JEE mains; now there are 25 questions in each subject - Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. Of the 25 questions, 20 will be multiple-choice, while 5 will be the integer-based or numerical based format.

Q2. How to prepare integer type questions for JEE mains?

Ans. Before practicing read carefully the theory of chapters.

  1. Understand the formulas, and concepts, and write all the important points of the chapters.
  2. Download Physics Wallah Integer Typing Questions on our website, we have downloaded Integer Typing Questions for your chapter-by-section reference and start solving these questions once you are sure you have the theoretical knowledge of the chapter.
  3. Allow enough time to resolve the questions; don’t take help from any notes or references.

Q3. Why integer type questions are important for JEE main?

Ans. According to the new JEE exam pattern, all questions are of the Integer type or digital questions asked in the JEE mains, without negative marking. We strongly recommend that you answer full-type questions for all Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics subjects within the first 30 minutes.

There is no risk of solving integer type questions in JEE because you won't lose points if you do it wrong; all you need to consider is time.

Q4. How can I attempt integer type questions in JEE mains?

Ans. First of all, make sure that your concepts and logic are free of the topic.

  1. Firstly, read the question carefully and Identify what information is provided and what needs to be found.
  2. Secondly, decide whether you can attempt the question or not.

Q5. Does there any negative marking in the JEE mains exam?

Ans. Big relief for students in the latest JEE main paper model is that there will be no negative marks for integer questions. The scoring system for multiple-choice questions remains the same: four points for each correct answer and a one-digit deduction for each incorrect answer.

Q6. How are the JEE sample papers helpful in acing the preparation for the JEE mains exam?

Ans. The JEE sample papers include five sample questions from these subjects-mathematics, chemistry, physics with answers. It helps students appearing for the exam to understand the new pattern and updates. Practicing through this pattern help you to score fully in JEE main exam.

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