Online test for class 7,8,9,10,11 & 12

Preparation of any exam or subject required two basic thinks one you must have clear concept and second practice; sufficient practice is must to become expert in any subject. Subjects like maths and science required good practice to become expert and these are the subject which need good foundation for the upcoming class . Keeping these factors academic team of physics wallah prepared a systemically designed online test for maximum subjects of class 7, 8, 9, 10,11 and 12th . and uploaded carefully selected questions of all subjects of class 7 to 12 . we are working to add more and more subjects in coming days

Chapter-wise Physics Quiz for Class 12

How to use Chapter wise online test

So, if you want to check your concepts of maths and science you are in right place . in this section we will explain you how to use effectively chapter wise online test . so, start with the following steps Step-1 : Start chapter wise online test with the topic which is going in your school or tuition. Before starting the chapter, wise online test read chapter make sure you have revise entire chapter. Step-2 : Select your class from the above top off and then select the subject don't go for multiple test at a time give only one-chapter test at a time Step-3 : Once you reach to your class-subject-chapter you will land to page which consist of multiple online test for the particular chapter go for online test-1

Thinks which you must do while going through online test

Chapter wise online test is prepared to give you additional edge and check your practice so while going through the chapter wise online test make sure you will not refer your notes or never check the answer any online platform try to solve it by yourself don't be afraid about the low makes . make sure you remember all formula and bullet points before appearing for online test . time paly a very important role so before starting the test every online test of any class or any subject we have mentioned the time duration of the online test so be specific try to complete it in time . the number of questions given in online test are not fixed what we have done based on the requirements of the chapter and class each online test consist of different number of questions it starts from minimum 10 questions to 70 questions . number of online tests is also not fixed in chapters few chapters consist of one online test whereas few more than one online test.

Why you should appear for online test

Testing is the most important part of your learning irrespective of class one must appear for online test and practice questions of the chapter which you have completed. As all of you know now all most all entrance exam in India is going to be conducted by NTA . and slowly every entrance exam , scholarship test and other national and international exam are going to be online test in coming years few already converted to online mode from paper and pen . One must prepare for such platform-based exam system . the second advantage of online test is its result and analysis , online test gives you instant result which helps you to analyses the mistake which have done in the test .when you are preparing for a section of topics you have different mode to check your concept like your school ut , tuition test , several national level entrance exam , but before appearing for such exam chapter wise online test gives you clear idea about how is your preparation in a particular test .

What to do after online test

Analysis of test is more important than test. These lines are important for removing your error in test . so do the following activity just after the chapter wise online test.

  • 1. Let's say you have appeared for an online test-1 which consist of 30 questions and marking system is +4 for correct and -1 for incorrect.
  • 2. Just after the online test you will get the result in which let's say you have done 18 correct and 10 incorrect and 2 attempted.
  • 3. Now make a sheet and start analyzing the result write down the type of questions which have make a mistake be specific while writing the mistake . such as if question number 8 is incorrect write down the correct reason for such mistake , try to find out the area of mistake . in general, the mistake is because of the following reason.
  • A. Silly mistake
  • B. Calculation error
  • C. Approach was incorrect
  • D. Unable to understand the questions
  • E. Concept in that part is not clear
  • F. Forget the formula use

The above are few examples of error one must find his error and try to get the actual reason of mistake . Once you get your area of which you do error now try to build this area through practice for that you can use physics wallah questions bank . after doing practice of all such cases now you will be more confident to go for online test for such topics , appear for online test-2 for the same chapter , start analysis's of this test by same way what you have done for online test-1 and check the improvement . this practice will certainly help you to build a solid foundation of the subject.

Why online test is beneficial for all class students

All of you know from 2020 onwards board exam conducted by CBSE added objective questions which includes objective questions , the weightage of objective questions are increasing day by day , if you talk about the most popular entrance exam like NTSE, JEE,NEET,RMO ,KVPY, Olympiad all most all entrance exam are objective based . to become expert in objective type question one must start practicing from the early age , chapter wise online test will help you to build solid foundations for the subject as well as prepare you for upcoming entrance exam.

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