BITSAT Previous year Question papers

Academic team of Physics Wallah uploaded BITSAT question paper form past 15 years with answer key for reference use. All the BITSAT question paper are memories based. You can download free BITSAT question paper form year 2005 to till date. Must solve Physics Wallah BITSAT Sample Papers uploaded and prepared by our academic team with detail solutions for more better understanding of the exam pattern and final revision.

Find Below free pdf of BITSAT Previous year Question paper 2005 to 2020 with Answer key

How to use BITSAT Previous year Papers

BITSAT is completely CBT mode and takes place online. Like JEE Main, all the BITSAT Previous year Question papers uploaded with answer key are memory based. The best way to use BITSAT Previous year Question papers is to solve these papers with given time and find out your score in each paper.


Questions asked in BITSAT are easy to moderate but one must be fast enough to solve these questions within the time. Almost 150 questions are to be solved in just 180 minutes. So practice accordingly, solving questions form BITSAT Previous year Question papers will give you entire idea about the difficulty level and pattern of questions asked in previous year it will help you to understand the syllabus too.

BITSAT Marking Scheme

In BITSAT candidates will have to attempt a total of 150 MCQs. The paper will be divided into 4 parts bust there is no sectional time limit to attempt the questions. candidates move easily form one question to another.

  • For Correct Answer: +3 Marks
  • For Incorrect Answer: -1 Mark
  • For Unattempt Questions: 0 Mark
  • Mode of Exam: English

Additional Questions in BITSAT Entrance exam

In BITSAT apart from these 150 questions, additional 12 questions will also be provided to the candidate. These 12 additional questions will be given to the candidate who completes the test. But these additional questions are to be attempted within these 3 hours only. The division of these additional questions is as follows

  • Physics: 4 questions
  • Chemistry: 4 questions
  • Mathematics/Biology: 4 questions

NOTE: Candidates who choose to answer these 12 extra questions are not allowed to go back to the original exam and make any changes in those 150 answers.

How to prepare for English and Reasoning subject in BITSAT Exam

Reasoning and logical questions asked in BITSAT are based on general reasoning questions which as such does not required any preparation. However, one must practice questions based on general reasoning questions.

To help your Academic team of Physics Wallah uploaded several Aptitude and Reason Questions with theory do solve all those questions. The major questions are asked form the following chapters.

Verbal Reasoning

  1. Analogy
  2. Classification
  3. Series Completion
  4. Logical Deduction – Reading Passage
  5. Chart Logic

Non-Verbal Reasoning

  1. Pattern Perception
  2. Figure Formation and Analysis
  3. Figure Formation and Analysis
  4. Figure Matrix
  5. Rule Detection

English is asked as per your class 11 and 12 so read the NCERT text book and do focus on grammar part read the following chapters

1. Grammar

  • Agreement, Time and Tense, Parallel construction, Relative pronouns
  • Determiners, Prepositions, Modals, Adjectives
  • Voice, Transformation
  • Question tags, Phrasal verbs

2. Vocabulary

  • Antonyms, Odd Word, One Word, Jumbled letters
  • Homophones, Spelling
  • Contextual meaning
  • Analogy

3. Reading Comprehension

  • Content/ideas
  • Vocabulary
  • Referents
  • Idioms/Phrases
  • Reconstruction (rewording)

4. Composition

  • Rearrangement
  • Paragraph Unity
  • Linkers /Connectives

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Q1. How important are online BITSAT Exam tests in 12th grade?

Ans. BITSAT Exam is one of the most important Entrance exam having all three subjects likes physics, chemistry and Maths for a student looking to pursue a career in engineering and other related fields. Most of the concepts in BITSAT Exam in grade 12 are important because many of the high-level concepts come from grade 12 concepts.

To help students learn BITSAT Exam more effectively, here is an BITSAT Previous Year papers with answer key. These tests are presented in a fun and easy-to-understand form so that students can fully understand the concepts and provide formulas and conclusions. These tests can help students prepare and learn various BITSAT Exam concepts in Grade 12 easily and effectively.

Q2. Why should you choose Physics Wallah study materials for your BITSAT online test?

Ans. The Physics Wallah study material is comprehensive and includes questions in all formats to aid your research/review. Each part of the assessment notes goes a long way toward helping students clarify their concepts and self-assess their progress regularly. The Physics Wallah solutions include all exercises from the 11th & 12th grade BITSAT Exam guide.

Once students fix the problem in the manual, they can easily turn to resolved access solutions when they get stuck. The solutions are designed for class both 11 and 12. These solutions are created by our in-house experts with in-depth knowledge of their specialist areas and topics.

Q3. How do I get good score in online BITSAT Exam tests in?

Ans. To get good grades on your online BITSAT Exam test, first read the all chapters of PCM carefully and try to take effective notes. Never miss a BITSAT Exam previous year paper after your lesson again, listen to everything the teacher said in the lesson. Try to understand chapter concepts using examples and notes from solved tutorials.

Communicate with your teachers when you have a problem, ask the teacher right away, and try to solve the practical questions from the NCERT manual to create a solid foundation.

Q4. What are the benefits of NCERT Textbook in online BITSAT Exam tests?

Ans. NCERT grade 11 and 12 BITSAT Exam solutions provide the ultimate knowledge for students preparing for exams and online tests. The questions are answered step by step and clearly. By addressing them, students can quickly understand the concepts behind the solutions.

Not only does this help students by giving them confidence in answering all kinds of questions about exams or online tests, but it also allows for long term learning of concepts.

Q5. Where can I take the 11th and 12th-grade online test questions?

Ans. The Physics Wallah offers online BITSAT Exam test questions specifically designed for grade 11th and 12th. These questions were written by an experienced teacher with years of teaching experience. Students looking for BITSAT Exam Online Test questions can download them from the Physics Wallah website.

These materials are available as a PDF format for free download. The online test questionnaire is based on the latest curriculum.

Q6. What is your strategy for online BITSAT Exam test for?

Ans. Before you appear in online BITSAT Exam tests, you need to understand BITSAT Exam test patterns and what to do before they appear. Each chapter of BITSAT Exam consists of one or several test questions, for every 10–60 questions +4 is given for each correct answer, depending on the complexity of the chapter, and -1 is lost in case of an error.

Before entering the test, read the NCERT book, solve all exercise questions, and read the 12th-class BITSAT Exam notes.

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