Zoology short notes for NEET

Short Notes and pointers of Zoology for NEET

Right Approach to read Zoology For NEET

With just a few days left for NEET ug exam your preparation must be in full swing.Prepare for topics as per the weightage in NEET exam. In order to achieve a good level of preparation, you need to keep studying your zoology and botany course on daily basis. For quicker revision Zoology short notes for NEET prepared by pw help you a lot. First go through the notes which you had prepared in class and then read that topic from NCERT book, Yet it is not finished do as much as possible no. of questions related to that topic.For NEET NCERT text book are must do solve all questions given in the Exercise of NCERT with the help of NCERT solutions for class 12 academic team of pw prepared NCERT solutions for class 12 Biology for your reference.

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Tips to prepare Zoology for class NEET

  • Go through the diagrams of NCERT as many questions are based on diagrams. Read the theory of NCERT text book solve the questions Given in NCERT text Book and use as a reference NCERT solutions for class 12 Biology prepared by pw.
  • Solve all the examples provided in NCERT textbooks and questions from NCERT exemplar.
  • In NEET, few tricky questions are asked in which the meaning and concept of the question is changed by replacing a few words.
  • Revise the content and questions on alternate day basis so that same content would be revise three to four times in week, now the content which you complete in this week will retain in your mind for longer time period.
  • Actually in zoology you have to keep in mind lots of terms, definition, concepts, diagrams and facts so it is the need of the subject to revise it as much as possible.
  • It is better if you know the weightage of all the chapters so that you can prepare accordingly. Spend more time on the chapters with high weightage.
  • The topics carrying good weightage in zoology are - Cell Biology, Human Physiology, Biomolecules, and Biotechnology. So, students must focus on these chapters.
  • Human physiology is very important unit. Focus on understanding each and everything. Also, reproduction is very important unit. Study that well.

How to revise zoology effectively

  • After that all chapters are fact oriented and small concepts are there.
  • Topics like Animalia is little bit confusing. Phylum Non-chordata require consistent practice and revision.
  • Start from the basics learn the names, characteristics features, and scientific names of the organism.
  • In kingdom Animalia among each phylum learn there there-General characters Cells/Organs involve in Digestive system ,Respiratory system,Circulatory system ,Excretory system,Reproductive system
  • Use markers to highlight important points in your notebooks.

Zoology Books For Neet Preparation

NCERT Books are considered best for understanding the concepts. And most importantly, most of the questions are picked from NCERT books in NEET exam. Practicing questions from other reference books will greatly boost up the preparation. Given below is a set of reference books for NEET Zoology preparation.

  • NCERT Biology of Class XI and XII
  • NCERT Exemplar Biology
  • GRB Bathla's Publication's for Zoology Trueman’s
  • Elementary Biology for class 11 Trueman’s
  • Elementary Biology for class 12 Pradeep
  • Publication's Biology

Most important is prepare your own notes and revise them as much as possible don’t leave the practice part for end when you complete the syllabus. Keep practicing questions from topics you have completed.

Another thing which you need to follow is analyse the mock test when you are done. Without analysis you will not be able to find out your weak areas.We have prepared the following short notes of each chapters of zoology along with questions for last minutes revision of medical entrance exam The key to getting good marks is nothing but practice, revision, and dedication. Do it! All the best!

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Academic team of pw understand the type of requirement for NEET entrance exam , so we have uploaded all content related to NEET zoology .such as detail theory for zoology class 11 and 12th , class 12 zoology notes.

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