MCQ Questions for Class 8 Science with Answers

The academic team of Physics Wallah prepared chapter-wise HOT and Important questions for class 8 Science. We have uploaded chapter-wise MCQ and 1,2,3,4 and 5 Marks questions with detailed solutions. Each chapter consist of MCQ and subjective questions. Do solve NCERT questions with the help of NCERT Solutions for Class 8.

MCQ Questions for class 8 Science with Answers

Class 8 has been a sign of a students career growth. Science of class 8th, in general, helps students to attain solidify their concepts. The team at Physics Wallah has colluded to deliver credibility to students in the forms of MCQ Questions for class 8 Science with Answers. In general science subject which we learn comprises of collective topics of Physics, Chemistry & Biology.

As the student’s progress, these topics help them to enhance their academic knowledge. The MCQ Questions for class 8 Science with Answers is just a glimpse of efforts being taken by the team at Physics Wallah. Do follow NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Science prepared by Physics Wallah.

Why Class 8 Science MCQ is important?

The faculties forging out the prominent topics of MCQ Questions for class 8 Science with Answers have years of experience. Since students in today’s time have been constantly involved in preparing for examinations. We provide students with accurate MCQ Questions for class 8 Science with Answers to nurture their examinations.

The team at Physics Wallah is 24 x 7 involved in devising the latest and most prominent methodologies to solve critical numerical. The efforts laid down by our team ensure students success in various national level examinations. The drafting and creation of MCQ Questions for class 8 Science with Answers have been so professionally that students can easily comprehend with each and every concept. It is crucial to brace up yourself even for future competitive examinations.

Since the syllabus to class 8th science is very wide. This leads to students in difficulty to complete each and every aspect of the syllabus. The complete MCQ Questions for class 8 Science with Answers is prepared in every concise and revision friendly nature. Students can easily cover the entire syllabus, just before examinations. Since the complete textbooks comprise of various unnecessary things not important with respect to examinations. The team at Physics Wallah have made efforts to make it as small as possible and concise enough to easily complete just before the examinations.

How to Study Class 8 science MCQ effectively?

The MCQ Questions for class 8 Science with Answers provided by our team consists of various important questions with respect to examinations. Students looking forward to the scoring topmost marks in their examination must thoroughly follow it. A complete revision of MCQ Questions for class 8 Science with Answers can get you topmost ranks in your class.

Our sole aim is to not only assist students in their examination but also assists their career growth. Our experts have done a detailed analysis of each and every topic. Students can find most repetitive MCQ Questions for class 8 Science with Answers in the solution provided by Physics Wallah. For additional information related to the subject you can check the Science Formula section.

Why Physics Wallah is best for Class 8 science MCQ?

We ensure students with guidance in terms of examinations. The MCQ Questions for class 8 Science with Answers provided by us has always the topmost preference of students India wide. All the important are specifically marked in MCQ Questions for class 8 Science with Answers provided by us.

We assist students with the right strategy to tackle each and every question. We work on to minimise the possible areas to loose marks. The complete set has been provided in Pdf format. This makes MCQ Questions for class 8 Science with Answers easy for sharing among the friends. Climb the ladder to success with Physics Wallah.

How to use MCQ questions for class 8 Science

NCERTs are the best source to gain the extensive and in-depth knowledge of relevant subject. Here, we will be discussing the most asked MCQ Questions for class 8 Science with Answers that will help you to prepare well for the CBSE exam.

The questions asked in this blog is prepared by the senior experts that majorly focus on Class 8 Science NCERT textbook. The motive to represent these questions in the MCQ format is to help meritorious students to complete their proper revision before commencing for the end-term exam organized by the Central Board of Secondary Education, CBSE. Students can also access the CBSE Class 8 Notes here.

Multliple Choice Questions (MCQs)

Q1. In the complete year, Rabi Crops are grown in which season?

  1. Spring
  2. Rainy
  3. Summer
  4. Winter

Ans. Winter

Q2. Rhizobium Bacteria which fixes atmospheric nitrogen are found in nodules growing in:

  1. Leaves of leguminous plants
  2. Roots of leguminous plants
  3. Stem of leguminous plants
  4. All options are correct

Ans. Roots of leguminous plants

Q3. The grain seed is separated from the chaff in the harvested crop. The process is called as:

  1. Seeding
  2. Weeding
  3. Threshing
  4. Ploughing

Ans. Threshing

Q4. Select the examples of Multicellular Microorganism from the following:

  1. Algae and Fungi
  2. Algae and Bacteria
  3. Bacteria and Viruses
  4. Bacteria and Fungi

Ans. Algae and Fungi

Q5. What is the name of preservative which is commonly used in Jam and Pickles?

  1. Nitric Acid
  2. Copper Sulphate
  3. Sodium Benzoate
  4. Sodium Chloride

Ans. Sodium Benzoate

Q6. Select one of these in which Lactobacillus is commonly found:

  1. Curd
  2. Cake
  3. Bread
  4. All of the above

Ans. Curd

Q7. The process of injecting weak microbes into a healthy body and producing antibodies to fight against strong microbes is known as

  1. Vaccination
  2. Medication
  3. Antibiotics
  4. None of them

Ans. Vaccination

Q8. The microbe for Malaria disease is carried by –

  1. Female Anopheles Mosquito
  2. Male Anopheles Mosquito
  3. Female Aedes Mosquito
  4. Male Aedes Mosquito

Ans. Female Anopheles Mosquito

Q9. Diseases like chicken pox and polio can be caused by –

  1. Virus
  2. Bacteria
  3. Fungi
  4. Worms

Ans. Virus

Q10. Coal can be formed from ____

  1. Sunlight
  2. Steam
  3. Fossils
  4. Plants

Ans. Fossils

Q11. The process of growing different crops alternatively on the same land is called as:

  1. Crop Rotation
  2. Crop Change
  3. Crop Alternation
  4. Crop Revolution

Ans. Crop Rotation

Q12. The natural resource of Sunlight is:

  1. Inexhaustible
  2. Exhaustible
  3. Both of them
  4. None of these

Ans. Inexhaustible

Q13. What are Fossils?

  1. Coal mines
  2. Dead remains of living organism
  3. Living beings
  4. Kind of natural resource

Ans. Dead remains of living organism

Q14. The farm appliance called as “Combine” is a combination of:

  1. Seed drill cum Thresher
  2. Plough and Harvester
  3. Harvester cum Sprayer
  4. Harvester and Thresher

Ans. Harvester and Thresher

Q15. Medicines that obtain micro-organisms to kill or stop the growth of bacteria causing microorganisms are called ____

  1. Antiseptics
  2. Antibodies
  3. Antibiotics
  4. All of the above

Ans. Antibiotics

Hope these MCQ Questions for class 8 Science with Answers will help you to complete your preparation.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Q1. How class 8 science MCQ questions are important?

Ans. Class 8 is critical as it lays the foundation for future study. To understand the subject better, the best way is to solve the CBSE class 8 science objective questions. Additionally, answering the MCQs will help a student become familiar with solving objective questions. This will also help with class 10 exams later, as the customized question document design includes additional MCQs.

Q2. What are MCQ questions?

Ans. MCQs are question types that test your skills by giving you a troublesome question and a list of options with possible answers so you can choose the correct answer. Class 8 Science MCQs with accurate answers are easily accessible at Physics Wallah for exam preparation.

Q3. What is the best strategy to answer multiple-choice questions?

Ans. The best strategy to consider when testing MCQ on tests is to read the question multiple times. Remember that the related points are questioned and use the elimination method and answer the question correctly.

Q4. Where can I get MCQ questions for class 8 science?

Ans. There are many resources on the Internet that provide multiple choice questions and answers. However, you can find them on our Physics Wallah website and for your convenience, there are direct links to access them.

Q5. What are the benefits of MCQ questions?

Ans. Multiple choice questions allow instructors to test their students quickly and efficiently without hiring additional recruiters.

  • MCQs allow rapid tests on a wide range of content.
  • It takes less time to answer a multiple-choice question than an open question.
  • Respondents do not have to respond but can focus on the content.

Q6. How Physics Wallah is best for MCQs for class 8 science?

Ans. Physics Wallah offers MCQs chapter by section of class 8 science to help students answer their questions by providing a deep understanding of the concepts. These materials are available in PDF format to allow students to download and learn offline. Our experts designed it in a well-structured format to provide the best methods for solving problems and ensure correct knowledge of the concepts.

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