General FAQs

. Who is Physics Wallah?
Physics Wallah is India's top online ed-tech platform that provides affordable and comprehensive learning experience to students of classes 6 to 12 and those preparing for JEE and NEET exams. They also provide Mock tests, crash courses and other resources as well.
. Why is Physics Wallah so famous?
We successfully provide students with intensive courses by India's top faculties and personal mentors. PW strives to make the learning experience comprehensive and accessible for students of all sections of society. Comparatively, they provide quality education with less expenditure.
. Who owns the Physics Wallah?
It was founded by Mr. Alakh Pandey in 2016 which was later joined by Mr. Prateek Maheshwari.
. Who is Alakh Pandey?
Alakh Pandey is a Physics Teacher who started his journey from a Youtube Channel in 2014 and now runs a big ED-Tech Company called Physics Wallah.
. Is Physics Wallah an IITian?
No, Alakh Pandey, aka Physics Wallah, is not an IIT graduate also, he has dropped out of mechanical engineering from HBTI Kanpur.
. What is Alakh Pandey phone number?
You can connect with the Physics Wallah by dialing 07019243492 to share your doubts. For further information visit .contact-us
. Where is Physics Wallah office?
The registered head office of Physics Wallah is at Noida One, 1st floor, Industrial Area, Sector 62, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201309.
. What is Physics Wallah’s official website?
The official website of Physics Wallah is
. What degree has Alakh Pandey?
Alakh Pandey joined a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Harcourt Butler Technical (HBT) Institute but later he dropped out of Third Year for his passion for Teaching Physics.
. How to get Alakh Pandey's phone number?
You can get Alakh Pandey phone number on their official website or by directly contacting him on 07019243492 from your device. You can connect with him at any time without any issues and ask your concerns regarding any query you have.
. How can Students enroll in PW Courses?
Students can visit the official website of Physics Wallah, where they can find the different Courses which are available and can choose according to their choices.
. Why did Alakh Pandey Started Physics Wallah?
In his early days, he used to teach in a coaching center but he wanted to provide quality content to the students which was not possible, so he started his own youtube channel and named it Physics Wallah and then the expansion so that every student can learn without paying much.
. What courses does Physics Wallah offer?
There are several courses depending upon the student’s needs. Like Lakshya NEET for those who are preparing for NEET Exams and many other courses.
. Does Physics Wallah provide notes for all classes?
Yes, Students can access the notes for all the classes from our website which is free of cost and will always be.
. What makes Physics Wallah so cheap?
We believe in empowering every single student who couldn’t dream of a good career in engineering and medical field earlier. The aim is to make sure that every student will study and achieve their dream.
.Does Physics Wallah provide free content for students?
Students can access the free content from our website and also from our app library section. It’s made free for all the students across the globe.
. Does Physics Wallah provide live lectures?
Physics Wallah does provide live Scheduled Lectures by best faculties of India.
. Can I crack JEE Advanced by joining PW Courses?
Yes, you can easily crack the JEE Advanced by our courses and it depends more on your knowledge.
. Does Physics Wallah have a YT Channel?
Yes, Physics Wallah does have a YT Channel which has more than 6M+ Subscribers.
. Are Physics Wallah YT videos helpful for students?
Yes, YT videos are very helpful for students as every video has a descriptive explanation for your doubts.
. How many students get selected for JEE 2021?
More than 50% PWians got qualified for JEE & NEET 2021 and 5000+ got selected for JEE & NEET 2021.
. What makes Physics Wallah different from others?
Physics Wallah strives to develop a comprehensive pedagogical structure for students, where they get a state-of-the-art learning experience with study material and resources.
. Is Physics Wallah good for JEE?
PW provides an extensive course for JEE like JEE Master Crash Course which helps students to clear the Mains & Advance with good scores.
. Is Physics Wallah good for NEET?
PW not only have courses for JEE students but also have courses for NEET Students like Arjuna NEET which helps the students to achieve their goals.

Subscription & Billing

. Where can I download the App?
The app is available on google play store. Search for Physics Wallah in the search button.
. Is App Available for free?
Yes the app is available for download on google play store and it’s free for everyone.
. When do I start getting charged?
You will be charged accordingly on the basis of the course you select
. What is the cost of Subscribing to PW Courses?
There are multiple courses available for students and each course will be personalized to the learning needs of the students. All you have to do is to choose the right course and the pricing will vary depending on the personalized package.

Technical Support

. Does Physics Wallah provide Customer Support?
No, not right now but we are working on it to provide the best customer support.
. How will the Student issue get solved?
In the app, Students will find the contact us button through which they can address the issue to us which they are facing.
. How Can Students Contact to Physics Wallah Counsellors?
Students can call give a missed call on 07019243492.
. Can Students transfer their batch?
Some courses do allow the students to transfer their batch like in Lakshya 2.0 Batches students can transfer it to Lakshya JEE 2.0 Or Lakshya NEET 2.0 but within 15 days.
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