BITSAT 2019 Question paper with Answer key

Jul 06, 2022, 16:45 IST

BITSAT 2019 Question Paper with Answers is uploaded by Academic team of Physics Wallah. BITSAT is computer based online test for admissions to Integrated First Degree programmed of BITS, Pilani at Pilani campus, Goa campus and Hyderabad campus.

Here we are providing the last Previous years question papers for BITSAT examination with their answers. One can check the BITSAT 2019 Question Paper with Answers here.

BITSAT 2019 question paper

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Q1. Are questions repeated in BITSAT Exam?

Ans. The book has questions that are precisely at par with the level of the examination. The book is well revised and contains most questions repeatedly asked in the exam.

Q2. What is a good score in BITSAT?

Ans. If a candidate wants to opt for the best branches, they must get at least 370-380 as it is considered a good score. While the average score for BITSAT 2022 is more than 300, and to get admission in other branches, 290+ marks are considered enough for the admissions.

Q3. Which was the most challenging BITSAT paper?

Ans. As students have already expected, the BITSAT question paper 2018 had the most challenging section as Physics. The physics section had lengthy calculations, tricky questions, and highly confusing answers. This section took a lot of the candidates' time and energy into the entire paper.

Q4. Is BITSAT Physics easy?

Ans. BITSAT is generally easier than JEE Main (AIEEE) and JEE Advanced). But the catch in BITSAT is that you have to solve 150 questions in 180 minutes, making it difficult!

Q5. Is NIT better than BITSAT?

Ans. If you talk about value for money, NITs outstrip BITS. BITSAT is a private college, while NITs are government-run colleges. While you have to spend lakhs for your education in BITS, you can do the same with less than half that cost, with almost equal output, in NITs.

Q6. Is Ncert enough for BITSAT?

Ans. It is not enough. One book can never be enough for either BITSAT or JEE exam. In the beginning, I will say that it is best to start preparing from the NCERT, and it is essential to read it thoroughly and practice all possible sums.

Q7. Is BITSAT formula based?

Ans. In BITSAT, most questions are direct formula based, so maintain a copy where you pen down all the formulas and keep revising them regularly.

Find below free pdf of BITSAT Question paper-2019 with answer key

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