Acid base and salt of Class 8

Acid base and salt class 8

Some of the Fruits and vegetables are of sour taste because of the presence of substances known as acid, which have formed naturally in them. All sour materials contain acids. On the other hand there are some substances such as washing soda, lime and materials like soap whose solutions have a soapy touch and a better taste. These materials are bases or alkali. When an acid and a base react together they form new compounds known as salt and water.


The term acid has been derived from Latin word Acidus, which means sour. Large number of fruits and vegetables have a sour taste. The sour taste of a lemon is due to citric acid, the sour taste of grapes or tamarind is due to tartaric acid and that of vinegar is due to acetic acid. Formic acid is present in the sting of brown ants. The sharp pain caused by the sting of an ant, bettles and bees is due to formic acid which is pushed into our body. Vitamin C is ascorbic acid present in citrus fruits.

“An acid is a compound which contains one or more hydrogen atoms replaceable partially or completely by a metal or a positive radical to produce a salt.”

e.g. acid bases and salts

  • H2SO4 contains two replaceable hydrogen atoms thus, it is an acid.
  • Sour milk Lactic acid
  • Apple Maliec Acid
  • Tea Tannic acid
  • Tomatoes Oxalic acid
  • Aerated drinks Carbonic acid

The acid obtained from red ants is called formic acid. NCERT solutions for class 8 Science prepared by Physics Wallah will help you to solve your NCERT text book exercise.

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