Question of Exercise 1

Carboxylic Acid of Class 12

Which one of the following compounds is least reactive with water?


Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Option 4

Frequently Asked Questions

Which of the following is allylic halide

A: (1 - Bromoethyl) benzene

B: Benzyl chloride

C: 1 - Bromo benzene

D: 3 - Chloro cyclohex - 1 - ene





Final Answer: 

The correct option is D: 3 - Chloro cyclohex - 1 - ene.



What is the colour of copper sulphate crystals What happens when it is heated

What happens when it is heated



  • Copper sulfate is blue in colour when it is heated it lost water of crystallization and becomes white.

 Blue white

Final Answer:-

Water of crystallization is lost during heating of copper sulfate and color changes from Blue to White 


Rubber is a

A: conducting polymer

B: oriented polymer

C: elastomer

D: strong commercial fabric




  •  Polymers which have elastic properties are called elastomers. 
  • At microscopic level rubber has various disorganized clusters and long molecular flexible chains which provide it elastic property.

 Final Answer:-

 ( C ) rubber is a elastomer 


What is a glycosidic linkage



 The covalent bond  which joins  the hemiacetal group of a saccharide  and hydroxyl group of

another molecule(may or may not be saccharide ) is called glycosidic Bond. 

The common atom which joins the two groups  can be oxygen(O), Nitrogen(N) and Sulfur(S) 

so the name of the bond  becomes O-glycosidic Bond and N-glycosidic Bond and S- glycosidic Bond respectively. 

Final Answer:-

 There is the linkage between the hemiacetal group of the saccharide and some other group and this link is called glycosidic linkage.


How will you convert aniline to phenol



  • First aniline is converted into diazonium salt by reaction with NaNo2/ HCL


  • Then the diazonium salt is treated with water to form phenol.



Final Answer:-

  • Aniline is converted into phenol by converting first into diazonium salt then this salt is treated with water to form phenol.

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