Important Terms

Democracy And Diversity of Class 10

Social Division: Division of the society on the basis of language, region, caste, colour or race and sex. It signifies linguistic and regional diversity.

Social Differences: Social differences are the situations where people are discriminated against on the basis of social, economic and racial inequality. It gives way to social diversity which is different from society to society.

African-American: Afro-American, Black American or Black are the terms used to refer mainly to the descendents of Africans who were brought into America as slaves between 17th century and early 19th century.

Overlapping differences: Social differences which overlap other differences are known as overlapping differences, e.g., difference between the Blacks and White became a social division in US because the Blacks tend to be poored homeless and discriminated against.

Homogenous Society: Homogenous society signifies absence of significant ethnic differences. It is a society that has similar kinds of people or inhabitants.

Multi-Cultural Community: Social community formed on the basis of different cultures is known as the multi-cultural community. This happens mostly due to the practice of migration when people bring with them their own culture.

Minority: It refers to communities who are less than half of the total population of the country. The idea of minority at national level is totally different from what it is at state level.

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