Sustainability Of Development

Development of Class 10

  • The concept of sustainability of development has gained momentum due to environmental concerns and the rate of resource depletion 
  • Ground water is an example of renewable resource but the rate at which we are using then it may not be replenished by rain water.
  • Sustainability of development means that development should take place at the same time environment should be conserved from degradation.
  • Sustainability of development also means that needs of the present generation should not be compromised and at the same time resource should be conserved for coming generation.
  • Non renewable resources are those resources which will get exhausted after years of use. So we have to use them Judiciously.
  • The consequences of environmental degradation do not respect national or state boundaries and is no longer region or nation specific.  
  • Sustainability of development is a new area of knowledge in which scientists, economists, Philosophers and other social scientists are working together.
  • Few examples to suggest the need for sustainable development.

Crude Oil Reserves:

Region / country

Reserve (Billion)

No. of years it will last

Middle east 









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