Non-Verbal Analogy & Classification

Non-Verbal Analogy & Classification of Class 10


Analogy means relationship.

Students must master the idea that analogies require identifying the relationship between certain terms and then looking for a term with the same relationship to a another term. After explaining this concept to students using examples, challenge them to find relationships between terms.


Analogies come in four basic categories:

  1. semantic
  2. classification
  3. association
  4. non-semantic.

It is helpful for students to understand these different types of relationships that an analogy might contain and then to spend time practicing with each different type of analogy.

A semantic analogy involves word meanings, and they might ask a student to recognize synonyms, antonyms, word intensity or parts of an expression.

A classification analogy tests relationships having to do with categories or parts of a whole.

Association analogies might involve relationships such as characteristics of an object, order, cause and effect, function of an object, or tools used for a purpose.

Non-semantic analogies involve logic or mathematics, and might test a student’s knowledge of fractions, multiples or negation. They could also contain letter or sound relationships, such as sound patterns, rhymes or homophones.

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