Reproduction through spores

Reproduction in plants of Class 7

  • Non-flowering plants reproduce through spores.
  • The spores are produced when conditions are not favourable.
  • Spores are microscopic bodies covered by a protective coat.
  • In non-flowering plants two different phases occur for reproduction. This is called Alternation of Generations.
  • The from of plant which reproduces sexually is called the gametophyte and the one which reproduces asexually by spores is called the sporophyte.
  • Moss plant is gametophyte and alternates with sporophyte.
  • In moss plant the capsule contain the spores.
  • Fern plant is a capsule contain the spores.
  • Fern plant is a sporophyte and alternates with gametophyte.
  • The gametophyte of Fern is called the Prothallus.

reproduction through spores revision

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