Disadvantages of synthetic fibers

Synthetic Fibre of Class 8


  • They easily melt and burn to form small sticky beads at a very high temperature. Therefore, there is always a risk of getting burns, especially in the kitchen, while wearing clothes of synthetic fibers.
  • Unlike natural fibers, they do not absorb sweat. Therefore, clothes made from synthetic fibers are very uncomfortable in the summer or rainy season. This drawback is partly overcome by blending them with natural fibers, such as cotton and wool.
  • They get electrically charged in dry weather. You must have seen sparks flying from blankets made from synthetic fibers during the night. These sparks are due to the electric charges. This electric charge causes skin problems in some persons.
  • They are not biodegradable, and hence, cause a lot of pollution. They are therefore not eco-friendly and may affect our environment adversely.

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