Question of Exercise 1

Three dimensional plane of Class 11

The equations of y-axis in space are


Option 1 x = 0,y = 0

Option 2 x = 0,z = 0

Option 3 y = 0,z = 0

Option 4 y = 0

Frequently Asked Questions

An excess of assets over liabilities is called as

A: Profit

B: Loss

C: Capital

D: No profit No loss



  • The accounting equation states that the assets is equal to the sum of capital and liabilities. 
  • Therefore, the value of capital can also be written as the excess of assets over liabilities. 

Final Answer: 

Hence, the correct answer is option C: Capital


The value of 3+cot76ºcot16º/cot76º+cot16º is

A: cot 60º

B: tan2º

C: tan46º

D: cot45º



During the shooting of the superhit film MARD Amitabh Bachchan

was waiting for his beloved Amrita Singh with his dog. When he saw her approaching, the dog was excited and dashed into her, then went back to master and so on, never stopping. How far would you estimate the dog ran, if its speed is 30 km/h and each of them walked at 4 km/h , starting 400 m apart?

A: 400 m

B: 880 m

C: 1500 m

D: 30 km




The speed of the dog is 30 km/h.

The speed of Amitabh Bachchan and Amrita Singh is 4 km/h.

The distance between them is 400m.



Final answer:

Hence, option C is correct, that is

The dog has run 1500 m.


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