Subjective Questions For Water

Water of Class 6


  1. What name is given to the activity in which rainwater is made to percolate into the round efficiently.
  2. What is the main purpose of rainwater harvesting?
  3. State one advantage of rainwater harvesting.
  4. Which human activity consumes the largest amount of water?
  5. Why is water used in car radiators?
  6. Which is the largest source of water on the earth?
  7. Mention one way in which sea-water differs from river water.
  8. From where do lakes, ponds and wells get their water?
  9. What is water cycle? Describe the water cycle in nature. Also draw a labelled sketch to show the water cycle in nature.
  10. How is rain useful to us? Explain with examples. What happens if it rains heavily for a long time? What damage can it do?
  11. Why is it essential to conserve water? What are the various ways in which you can conserve water at home?
  12. What is meant by rainwater harvesting? Describe any one method of rainwater harvesting with the help of a labelled sketch.
  13. Explain how, heavy rains may cause floods. What damage is caused by floods? How are   the animals which normally live in water affected by floods?
  14. What is drought? When does drought occur? What are the problems faced by the people living in areas having drought conditions ?
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