Neev 2023
Special Discounted Price
₹ 999 ₹ 1500 (33% OFF)

Special Discounted Price

₹ 999 ₹ 1500 33% OFF

Special Discounted Price

₹ 999 ₹ 1500 33% OFF

Batch Details

  • We will cover Science, Mathematics, English, Social Science, NTSE & MAT.
  • This Batch is Completely based on CBSE Board Pattern. Classes will be held Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday. The duration of the class will be 1 hour.
  • If any student misses a Live Doubt Session, he/she can watch a recorded lecture
  • Daily Home Assignment (DHA) will be provided after each class in PDF & Quiz form with a solution on the next day.
  • Each doubt will be resolved through the Doubt Engine.
  • Monthly tests will be conducted (starting from May 2022)
  • NTSE Lectures will also be provided in recorded form (starting in MAY 2022.)

This Batch Includes

10+ Test
300+ DHA Solutions
300+ DHA
400+ Live Lectures

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Batch is for whom?

Students who are targetting class 9th from CBSE Board with a new NCERT pattern.

Lectures will be Live or Recorded?

All the lectures will be Live with a Live doubt Session.

Classes will be on app or YouTube?

All the classes will be available on the app/web version ( only.

What if we want to see previous recorded lectures?

Go to the Batch> select subject> you can see the dates of previous days of one week only.

If you want to watch older lectures then tap on “Previous Classes/ Classroom Contents” Option> You will find all the topics there only> click on your topic you will get the videos and notes there.

Mentioned price is Yearly fee or Monthly fee?

The mentioned course fee is a yearly fee. It's a one-time payment.

What to do if we miss the scheduled class?

You can watch the all previous lecture on the app/web version.

Go to the app> select your batch> click on Previous Videos/Classroom content you can see all the topics there> click on your topic you can watch the lectures there.

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