ICSE Worksheet for chapter-1 Matter And Its Composition class 9

Worksheet For class 9

Find ICSE Worksheet for chapter-1 Matter And  Its  Composition class 9



Chemistry Worksheet - 1

TOPIC:  Matter And  Its  Composition

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  • Introduction, branches of chemistry.
  • Definition, composition, characteristics of matter.
  • States of matter, main postulates of kinetic theory of matter.
  • Explanation of change of matter on the basis of kinetic theory.
  • Law of conservation of mass and its limitations.


  1. Name the change of state during the following changes-
    1. Formation of clouds.
    2. Drying of wet cloths.
    3. Formation of snow.
    4. Melting of wax when kept in sunshine.
  2. State whether the following statements are true or false –
    1. Interconversion of matter does not involve change in mass of the substance.
    2. Sublimation occurs only when the solid is heated.
    3. An increase in pressure raises the melting point of solid.
    4. Inter-molecular spaces are maximum in solids.
    5. Gases does not have any free surfaces.


  1. Distinguish between the following :
    1. Boiling and evaporation.
    2. Gas and vapour.
  2. Explain following:
    1. Can heat be classified as matter ?
    2. Which of the following does not sublime at all – snow, camphor, dry ice, mercury, sodium?
    3. State the characteristics of gas that make them highly compressible.
    4. State the characteristics of solid that make them rigid.
    5. State the characteristics of liquid that make them fluid.
  3. State the law of conservation of mass ? Describe its experimental verification.
  4. What are the two factors responsible for inter conversion of matter?
  5. Explain the following on basis of kinetic theory :
    1. Sublimation
    2. Liquefaction
    3. Melting
    4. Boiling
  6. Give reasons :
    1. Light is not considered as matter.
    2. On heating a substance at its melting point the inter-particle space increases.
    3. Naphthalene balls become smaller day by day.
    4. When iron is heated with sulphur, iron sulphide is formed .The total mass of iron and sulphur is equal to the mass of iron sulphide.
  7. Why do solids and liquids have an open surface while gases do not ?
  8. Name two substances which sublime at room temperature.

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