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Chemistry Worksheet - 9


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  • Position in the periodic table.
  • Similarity with alkali metals and halogen.
  • Discovery, occurrence, general methods of preparation, laboratory method (by action of dil. Acid on zinc), Industrial method (Bosch process, electrolysis of water or brine, from natural gas, from CaH₂).
  • Tests and uses.


  1. Write two equations which suggest that hydrogen is a reducing agent.
  2. Choose the words from the options given in the brackets to complete these sentences.
    1. When CuO reacts with hydrogen,_________ is reduced and is oxidized to (CuO, H₂, Cu, H₂O).
    2. Hydrogen is soluble in water. (sparingly, highly, moderately).
    3. Sodium reacts smoothly with cold water. (metal, amalgam, in the molten state)
    4. Metals like , and give H₂ with steam.
    5. (iron, magnesium, aluminium, sodium, calcium)
    6. A metal____________ hydrogen in the activity series gives hydrogen with________
    7. acid or acid. (above, below, hydrochloric, nitric acid , dilute sulphuric)
  3. Give reasons :
    1. Why hydrogen is collected by the downward displacement of water and not by air, even though it is lighter than air.
    2. A candle when brought near the mouth of the jar containing hydrogen gas starts burning but the candle is extinguished when pushed into the jar.
    3. An oxy-hydrogen flame is used for welding and cutting metals.
    4. Apparatus for the laboratory preparation of hydrogen should be air tight and away from a naked flame.


  1. How does hydrogen occur in nature ?
  2. Which test should be made before collecting hydrogen in a glass jar ?
  3. In which respect hydrogen differs from –
    1. Alkali metals.
    2. Halogen.
  4. How will you prepare hydrogen gas in laboratory ? State three precautions necessary for the collection of hydrogen.
  5. How is hydrogen prepared industrially by Bosch process ?
  6. Without burning hydrogen, how can you prove that its product of oxidation is water ?
  7. Give important uses of hydrogen.

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