MP Board Class 10th Syllabus

About MP Board Class 10th Syllabus

Before preparation students should go through the MPBSE class 10 syllabus for all the subjects. The syllabus of class 10 is available on the official website. The syllabus of the MP board contains all the units and topics of every subject. MP board assists the students to plan for the exams and try to score good marks. MP Board exam will be held on March 2021. When the student finishes the MP board syllabus they should practice the MP class 10 model paper to clear their doubts and can perform well in the exam. We have mention below the maths and science syllabus and for more subjects students can visit the official website for more updates.

Find below subject wise pdf MP Board Class 10th Syllabus

MP Board Class 10th SyllabusClass 10 Maths Syllabus

Real Numbers


Pair of linear equation in two variables

Quadratic Equation

Arithmetic progression



Introduction to trigonometry



Areas related to circle

surface area and volumes



Class 10 Science Syllabus

Chemical Reaction and Equation

Acids, Bases, and Salts

Metals and Non- Metals

Carbon and its Compounds

Periodic Classification of Elements

Life Processes

Control and Coordinates

How to do the Organism Reproduce?

Heredity and Evolution

Light – Reflection and refraction

The Human Eye and Colorful World


Magnetic Effects of Electric Current

Sources of Energy

Our Environment

Sustainable Management of Natural Resources

Why syllabus is Important before you start your preparation of class 10 Madhya Pradesh board

The syllabus plays an important role in students' life. By knowing the Syllabus students can prepare themselves for their exams. The syllabus is also used by the instructor to share assignments and grading information with the students. It requires students to complete the course and to plan early and it also gives relevant information.

Subject covered in Physics Wallah Class 10 Madhya Pradesh syllabus

Most of the students find it difficult to cover the syllabus of every subject of the Madhya Pradesh Board syllabus and they waste most of the time to know which subject they have to complete. But we have found their solution so that students can easily cover the syllabus. Each topic of every subject is covered in Physics Wallah Class 10 Madhya Pradesh board syllabus they do not have to waste their time. Every topic is mention so that students can easily relate to questions and can easily understand every single topic. With the help of Physics Wallah students can cover the syllabus easily and can score good marks in Madhya Pradesh Board Class 10.

A recommended textbook which covers class 10 Syllabus of Madhya Pradesh board 

Students can recommend the NCERT textbook which they have been provided by their schools. In the NCERT textbook, each topic has been mentioned deeply so students can know the topic very well. Many students prefer their textbook-like MODERN ABC, RS AGGARWAL, RD SHARMA, as there are many books but it depends on student thinking and understanding skills. The textbook plays a vital role in education. It helps students to gain knowledge about the topic and help them to clear their doubts also help them to score good marks in exams.

FAQ about class 10 Madhya Pradesh board syllabus

Q-1.When will the MP Board class exam will be held?

ANS: Class 10 MP Board exams will be held in March 2021. Students can check for more updates on their official website.

Q-2.Where we have checked the result?

ANS: Students can check their results in

Q-3.Did the pattern of MP Board has been changed?

ANS: Students can go through the previous paper for knowing the patterns and for updates they can visit the official website. 

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