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Madhya Pradesh (MP) Board Class 10 Social Science Syllabus 2020-2021

MP Board Madhya Pradesh Board of Secondary Education (MPBSE)

Madhya Pradesh Board Class 10 Social Science Syllabus 2020-2021

MP Board has released the 30% reduced MP Board syllabus 2021 for class 10 on the official website, The Board has issued the revised syllabus for MP Board 10th for the academic session 2020-2021. A syllabus may be a document that outlines everything which will be covered during a class. By browsing the curriculum, students will get a way of what they're going to learn from the course. The course syllabus works as a roadmap with directions for succeeding within the class. It is always advisable to carefully read the syllabus at the start of the semester and note of the assignments, projects, etc. The MP Board Class 10 syllabus of Social science gives students a thought about the topics they have to review for that specific school year. Students should check their syllabus of Class 10 Social Science subject before each class to gain an idea of the day’s topic.

Download PDF of Class 10 Social Science Syllabus

Students looking for MPBSE class 10 Social Science syllabus 2020-2021 should refer NCERT 10th class Social science syllabus. The following table shows the chapters that are covered in MP board syllabus of 10th Social Science.



India Resources

Types of Resources, Forest and Wild Life, Agriculture, Water Resource, Mineral Resource, Power Resource, etc.


Types, Contribution of Industries to National Economy, Industrial Pollution, etc.

Transport, Communication &ForeignTrade

Transport-Utility and types, Means of Communication, Foreign Trade, Imports and Exports, etc.

Disaster Management

Natural Calamities, Man-Made Calamities, General Calamities


Reading and Marking

First Struggle for Freedom and after

Introduction to important revolutionaries, First struggle for Freedom of 1857, Moderates and Extremes Birth of Indian National Congress

Events related to the Independence Revolution

Revolution of Bange Bhang Partition of India in 1947 and its silent features, Contribution of Madhya Pradesh to the Freedom Struggle.

Major Events of the Post-Independence period

India's relations with neighbouring countries, birth of Bangladesh, emergency in India, Kashmir Problem, Rise of India as atomic power, etc.

Indian Constitution

Organisation of Constitution Draft Committee, Salient Features of Indian Constitution.

Working of Indian Democracy

Federal System, Organs of Government, Division of Administrative Power between Centre and States, etc.

Major Challenges before Democracy

Increase in Population, Unemployment, Communalism, Terrorists,
Drug addiction, etc.

Story of Development

Ancient and modern concept of economic development. National Income & Per Capita Income, Economic Planning in India, Money and Financial system, private financial institutions and different types of banks, etc.

Services Sector

Service Sector, Infrastructure, etc.

conomic Systems and Globalisation.

Economic System, Globalisation

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