Rajasthan Board Class 10 Science Syllabus 2020-2021


Rajasthan Board (RBSE)Class 10 Science Syllabus 2020-2021

Class 10 examinations are one of the most important and intimidating examinations in a student’s academic life since he/she would be experiencing board examinations for the first time. The reason why this exam is so important that the results of this exam are often a life-altering experience and choose your course of action, the sector of study and entrance into different colleges for higher studies. The RBSE Board has reduced 30% of the syllabus. Therefore, we are providing the Rajasthan Board 10th Science Syllabus to assist students in their studies. Along with the RBSE Syllabus for sophistication 10th students also will find the marks distribution of mathematics.

Science involves an in depth and in-depth analysis of scientific and physical behaviour around us. Explaining why these present phenomena make it interesting and relevant a topic . Students are now encouraged to venture during this field by exploring various projects and seminars on different topics, which needs their attention and application of data acquired over the years through meticulous learning of science.

Unit Topics

Chemical Substances
(Nature and Behaviour)

  • Chemical equations-
  • Chemical Equations, Types of Chemical Reactions, Effect of oxidation Reaction in Everyday life
  • Acids, Bases and Salts-
  • General Properties (physical and chemical properties) of acids, bases and salts with examples and their uses.
  • Metals and Non-metal-
  • Physical and chemical Properties of Metals
  • and Non-Metals, Reactivity Series, Metal and Non-Metal Reactions, Corrosion of Metals and Prevention of corrosion, Occurrence of Metals and their extraction.
  • Carbon and its Compounds-
  • Bonding in carbon- the covalent Bond, Saturated and Unsaturated Carbon Compound, Nomenclature of Carbon Compounds,
  • Chemical Properties of Carbon Compounds, Some Important carbon Compounds, Ethanol and Ethanoic Acid. (only properties),
  • Soaps and Detergents : Cleaning action of Soaps (Micelles Formation).
  • Periodic Classification of Elements-
  • Early attempts at the classification of Elements (Dobereiner’s Trids, Newlands law of octaves, Mendeleev’s Periodic Table).
  • The Modern Periodic Table, Trends in the Modern Periodic Table

The World of the Living(Biology)

  • Life Processes-
  • Basic concept of nutrition, respiration, transport and excretion in plants and animals.
  • Control and Co-ordination-
  • Nervous System.
  • Reflex Action and Human Brain.
  • How do Organisms Reproduce.
  • Importance of Variation.
  • Modes of Reproduction, Reproduction in Human Beings, Reproduction Health.

How Things Work and

Natural phenomena

  • Electricity-
  • Electric Current and circuit, Heating Effect of Electric Current, Inter relation between P, V, I and R.
  • Magnetic Effects of Electric Current-
  • Magnetic field and field lines, Magnetic field due to a current.
  • Fleming’s Right Hand Thumb Rule.
  • Left Hand Rule,
  • Electric Motor, Electromagnetic Induction, Electric Generator and Domestic Electric Circuit.
  • Light-Reflection and refraction-
  • Reflection of light,
  • Spherical Mirrors: Concave and convex,
  • Image Formation with Ray diagrams.

Natural Resources

  • Conservation of Natural Resources.


  • Finding pH of different samples,
  • Properties of acids and bases (HCl and NaOH).
  • Determining the focal strength of concave and convex mirror,
  • Prepare SO2 gas.
  • To observe the action of Zn, Fe, Cu and Al metals on salt solutions.
  • To study the dependence of current.
  • To prepare a temporary mount of a leaf peel to show stomata.


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