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Tamil Nadu Board Class 12 Syllabus

About Syllabus Class 12 Tamil Nadu Board

Tamil Naidu class 12 syllabus has delivered a clear idea of the course content to the students. Students should have a clear knowledge about their prospective subject wise so that they can gain good marks in their exams. Tamil Naidu class 12 syllabus has reduces 30%. Tamil Naidu class 12 syllabus helps students to get ready for themselves according to it and to be well planned during the course. Students can also know about the Tamil Naidu class 12 pattern better by downloading previous year papers. We have mention below the latest syllabus of Physics, Chemistry, and Maths students can go through it.

Find subject wise Tamil Nadu Board Class 12 Syllabus pdf

Tamil Nadu Board Class 12 Syllabus Class 12 Maths Syllabus

Application of Matrices and Determinants

Vector Algebra

Complex Number

Analytic Geometry

Differential Calculus Application-1

Differential Calculus Application-2

Integral Calculus and its Application

Differential Equation

Discrete Mathematics


Probability Distribution

Class 12 Physics Syllabus


Current Electricity

Effect of Current Electricity

Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Current

Electromagnetic Waves and Wave Optics

Atomic Physics

Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter –Relativity

Nuclear Physics

Semiconductor Devices and Their Applications

Communication Systems

Tamil Naidu Class 12 Chemistry Syllabus

 Inorganic Chemistry

Atomic Structure – II

Periodic classification-II

p – Block Elements – II

d-Block Elements

f-Block elements

Coordination Compounds and Bio-coordination Compounds

Nuclear chemistry

Organic Chemistry

Solid-state II

Thermodynamics – II

Chemical equilibrium II

Chemical Kinetics –II

Surface Chemistry

Electrochemistry – I

Electrochemistry – II

Isomerism in Organic Chemistry

Hydroxy Derivatives


Carbonyl Compounds

Carboxylic Acids

Organic Nitrogen Compounds


Chemistry in Action

Why syllabus is Important before you start your preparation of class 12 Tamil Naidu board

It makes an impression on students. Since the syllabus is the main material for the students to know about the course. It is found that students who are not familiar with the syllabus usually end up studying insignificant topics that are of no use and students waste so much time on that. In that case, students work very hard and could not make it in their examination. So the solution to this problem is the syllabus at the very beginning of the preparation stages. So that students can eliminate the overstudy can unrelated topics and can perform well in exams. 

Subject covered in Physics Wallah Class 12 Tamil Naidu board syllabus

All subjects have been covered in Physics Wallah class 12 syllabus. It will help the students to read and understand the topics clearly. All doubts related according to the respective subject have been cleared by our teachers which help students to make contraction with the topics. We have provided sample papers related to topics according to their subject it will help students to know how much they have to cover their syllabus and it will reduce their time in solving the questions paper. Question papers are also provided here for practicing this paper to help students to gain lots of marks it will also help students to maintain their time and help to complete the paper within the time and we have informed students to work smart as compared to hard work. By solving these paper students will know about the various outlook of the paper such as questions pattern, scheme, mark distribution according to their chapter wise, and make the study more reliable in a short period.

A recommended textbook which covers class 12 Syllabus of Tamil Naidu board

Tamil Naidu class 12 textbooks are very important to study. It provides the content to be learned and provide the syllabus topic. It is a way or guide that helps students to systemize their learning. while the students are preparing for their exam they should prefer the Tamil Naidu class 12 standard textbook to clear their doubts. Tamil Naidu Board aims at providing standard education for students over the year. Students find it easy to go through the textbook and self-study. Class 12 textbook allows students to explore each topic as per the Tamil Naidu class 12 syllabus. Most of the students prefer reference books for their self study its depends on students from where they can score. 

FAQ about class 12 Tamil Naidu board syllabus 

1 . When will the Tamil Naidu class 12 board exam will be held?

ANS: Tamil Naidu board has released the date to its official website. Students should stay updated as exam dates can be postponed.

2. What will be the time of the Tamil Naidu class 12 board exams?

ANS: Tamil Naidu class 12 board exams will conducted in morning and evening slots i.e. 9:30 AM to 12:45 PM and 2:00 PM to 5:15 PM.

3. What are the changes made in the syllabus for the Tamil Naidu class 12 board exams?

ANS: Syllabus has been reduced by 30 % and for more updates check the official website.

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