Cardiac Index

Circulatory System of Class 11

The cardiac output per square metre of body surface area. This is about 3 litre in a man of 70 kg body weight with body surface area of 1.7 mtr2.

Pulse rate

Following the ventricular systole a wave of  distension (arterial pulse) pass along the arteries which is normally  felt by putting finger over radial artery in the wrist. This wave is counted as number of pulse per minute.

Portal system

It is a part of venous circulation which is present between two groups of capillaries i.e. starts in capillaries and ends in capillaries. The vein which drains blood into organs other than heart is called portal vein.

Types of portal system :

It is of following types :

(i) Hypothalamo-hypophysial portal system

(ii) Hepatic portal system

(iii) Renal portal system

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