Division II : Gnathostomata

Classification of Animal Chordates of Class 11

Jawed vertebrates having true jaws and paired limbs. All the fish and fish-like aquatic gnathostomes are placed in the superclass Pisces, whereas all the four footed terrestrial gnathostomes are placed in the superclass Tetrapoda.

Differences between Pisces and Tetrapoda

Pisces Tetrapoda
Exclusively aquatic. Aquatic or terrestrial. Some arboreal and aerial.
Paired limbs, if present, as fins. Paired pentadactyl limbs present.
Median fins present. Median fins absent.
Skin usually moist and scaly. Skin usually dry and cornified.
Respiration aquatic, by gills. Respiration aerial, by lungs.
Sense organs functional in water. Sense organs functional in air.


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