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Direction Sense Test of Class 10

There are four directions such as North, South, East and West. The word NEWS came from North, East, West and South. There are four regions : (i) North-East (ii) North-West (iii) South-East (iv) South-West.


The directions NE NW, SW and SE are:

North-East direction; North-West direction; South-West direction; and South-East direction respectively.

This test is meant to test the candidate's ability to trace and follow the direction. The questions asked consist of a sort of puzzle in directions. A successive follow up of directions given in the question is formulated and the candidate is required to find the final direction or the distance between the two points.

A person must distinguish between the regions and directions, i.e., between North-East region and North-East direction. If you move with your face Eastwards your left hand is towards North and your right hand is towards South. Similarly the positions of the directions of the hands can be fixed when you move in any of the other three directions.

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