Micro Organism of Class 8

We will explore here what the world is made of. The world is full of living and non-living creatures. In this chapter, we will learn the all about the smallest living creature we have known about.

The world of living creatures that are present everywhere but are too small to be seen with the naked eye, is said to be world of micro-organisms.
They are omnipresent; found floating in the air and in water, moving about in the soil and on plants, inside our bodies and those of all animals.
Some of these tiny creatures are disease causing (germs). However, most are harmless. We will study how some living creatures are friendly to human beings while some of them prove to be fatal for the health of man.

There are different kinds of plants and animals that we see around us. Some of these are quite big whereas there are many organisms which are so small that they are even not visible with our naked eye. These are called micro-organisms or microbes. For example, during rainy season, moist bread get spoilt and its surface get covered with grayish white patches. When you observe these patches under magnification you find tiny, black rounded structures. NCERT solutions for class 8 Science prepared by Physics Wallah will help you to solve your NCERT text book exercise. 

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