Abnormalities Related With Respiratory System

Respiratory System of Class 11

Abnormalities Related With Respiratory System

Emphysema: Mis-matching of ventilation and blood flow caused due to marked decrease in surface area of exchange. This happens due to injury, lesion or cancer of lung and also due to smoking.

Pneumonia: Due to bacterial infection of lungs the surface area of diffusion decreases.

Berylliosis: Due to thickening of alveolar and capillary membranes, the exchange of gases is hindered

Pneumothorax: Collapse of lungs due to pressure of thoracic cavity This generally happens due to sneaking of air bubble in this cavity. Also in the midst of thick vehicular traffic CO is released in the fume of half burnt fuel.

Silicosis: Due to deposition of silica in alveoli, the thickening of alveolar and capillaries membrane occurs. This generally is found in workers of mica mines and brick-kiln factories.

Asbestosis: Due to asbestos dust or cement dust deposition in the lungs, common among the workers of cement or asbestos factories.

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