Solved Examples For Separation of Plants

Separation of Plants of Class 6

Solved Examples

1.         Is a solution of sugar in water homogeneous or heterogeneous ?

Sol.      It is homogeneous in nature. The sugar crystals when dissolved in water breaks down into small molecules and mix uniformly in solution.

2.         Which method gives a better separation of an insoluble solid from a liquid – sedimentation, decantation or filtration ?

Sol.      Filtration it is because insoluble solid particles can easily be retained while filtering it through filter paper.

3.         Name the method which is used to speed up sedimentation ?

Sol.      Loading is a method of speeding up sedimentation by making the particles heavier.

4.         Which apparatus is used to cool the liquid vapor during distillation ?

Sol.      Condensation flask.

5.         Solubility of most solids in water increases with rise in temperature. True or false?

Sol.      True. Solubility of solids in liquids increases with increase in temperature.

6.         The process of setting down on particles of a solid in a liquid is

            (a) Decantation                                                (b) Sublimation

            (c) Sedimentation                                             (d) Filtration

Sol.      (c)

7.         Which method is used to obtain a pure liquid from a muddy solution?

            (a) Distillation                                                  (b) Condensation

            (c) Filtration                                                     (d) Loading

Ans      (c)

8.         Can water dissolve liquids and gases also?

Sol.      Yes. It can dissolve liquids as well as gases.

9.         Name the method used to obtain salt from sea water.

Sol.      Evaporation

10.       Which separation method is used to separate wheat graphs from chaff?

Sol.      Winnowing

11.       Name the “universal solvent”.

Sol.      Water


True or False

12.       The constituents of all mixture can be seen separately.

Sol.      False (The constituents of homogeneous mixtures cannot be seen separately.)

13.       There are very few pure elements or compounds around us. Most substances are mixture.

Sol.      True


Fill in the blanks

14.       If a substance contains two or more kinds of molecules, it is a ………..

Sol.      Mixture

15.       A pure compound has fixed ……….. and ……….. points.

Sol.      Melting, boiling.


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