Subjective Questions For Separation Of Plants

Separation of Plants of Class 6

Subjective Questions For Separation Of Plants


1.         Give two examples of substances which can be used as a filter.

2.         Name two processes which are involved in the preparation of distilled water.

3.         Tell whether alloys are mixture or compound.

4.         Name the two methods of havesting of crops.

5.         Give an example of sedimentation.

6.         Which method will you use to get pure liquid from a solution containing several soluble solids in the liquid?

7.         What is a saturated solution?

8.         What is mechanized harvesting ?

9.         What is manual harvesting ?

10.       Define decantation.

11.       What do you mean by immiscible liquids ? How are they separated ?

12.       Describe a simple experiment to show the distillation of water from salt solution.

13.       How would you separate a mixture of sand and iron fillings in water ?

14.       List three properties of mixtures.

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