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About Chemistry Olympiad

InChO is an annual competition held for higher secondary students to give them a chance to showcase their excellence in one of the most challenging subjects, Chemistry. Homi Bhabha Center and the Indian Association of teachers conduct this exam every year. The Indian National Chemistry Olympiad (INChO for short) is an Olympiad in Chemistry. The theory part of this examination is complete in end-January/beginning of February of every year. The Indian Association of Chemistry Teachers conducts it.

The complex questions require students to apply their knowledge, solve problems and make educated guesses. To make expert yourself for this examination solve Olympiad Previous Year Question Papers. The key is not to give up and remember that even a seemingly low mark can earn an award. For example, in 2021, students needed 17 marks out of 85 to make a bronze award.

Stages in the Chemistry Olympiad

The Chemistry Olympiad usually consists of the following stages-

Stage I: NSEC- National Standard Examination in Chemistry,

Stage II: INChO- Indian National Chemistry Olympiad,

Stage III: OSC- Orientation cum Selection Camp in subject of chemistry,

Stage IV: PDT- Pre-departure Training Camp for IChO, and

Stage V: IChO- Participation in International Chemistry Olympiad.

Apart from the first stage, all the other stages are planned and organized by HBCSE. The first stage is the responsibility of Indian Association of Physics Teachers- IAPT. Stage 1 is entirely the responsibility of IAPT. All the remaining stages are organized by HBCSE.

Stage II: INChO- Indian National Chemistry Olympiad

INChO unlike the NSEC, is organized by HBCSE (Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education) in about 15 centres in the country.

Stage III: OCSC- Orientation cum Selection Camp in Chemistry

OCSC in chemistry is organized by HBCSE somewhere betweenApril to June for 2-3 weeks each year. The exact dates are put up on the HBCSE site prior to or along with the announcement of the selection list of candidates for the OCSC.

Stage IV: PDT Pre-departure Training Camp for IChO

The selected 4 member Indian students’ team undergoes a really rigorous training programme at HBCSE in theory and experiments so as to prepare for the IChO. Special laboratories have been set up at HBCSE for the purpose of experimental training for these students. Learned resource persons from HBCSE and many other renowned institutions across the country come and impart training to the students. There is no set duration of this training, it is totally subject to IChO regulations.

Stage V: IChO- International Chemistry Olympiad

The trained 4-member student team, 2 teacher leaders and 1 scientific observer constitute the delegation to represent India at the International Chemistry Olympiad (IChO). The 46th IChO will be held in Hanoi, Vietnam, in July 2014.

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