Pattern of the Entrance Examination - CBT

Question Paper

All Questions will be of Multiple Choice Question(MCQ).

PART-I - Physics

PART-II - Chemistry

PART-III - Mathematics / Biology  

PART-IV - English

  1. Candidates attempting Physics,Chemistry, Mathematics & English are eligible for all the B.Tech programmes offered.
  2. Candidates attempting Physics, Chemistry, Biology & English are eligible for B.Tech. Biotechnology, B.Tech. Bioengineering, B.Tech. CSE ( Bioinformatics) and B.Tech. ECE with spl. in Biomedical Engineering programmes.
  3. The selection of subjects (Physics/Chemistry/ Mathematics or Biology/English) has to be mentioned on the application form itself.
  4. The questions will primarily be from the State Board of Higher Secondary Education and the CBSE syllabus. The syllabus for the Entrance Examination is given in syllabus section of this page .
  5. Each part has 40 questions and English has 5 questions, with each question carrying one mark.
  6. Each question is followed by 4 alternative answers. The candidate will have to choose the correct answer and click the same.
  7. No negative marks for wrong answers.
  8. Language of the Question Paper The Question paper will be in English only.

Important Instructions pertaining to VITEEE-2019 - CBT(Computer Based Test) The salient features of the Computer Based Test are:

  1. The computer is connected to the server, which delivers the encrypted test in real time through a secure and reliable connection.
  2. It is assumed that the candidate is familiar with the use of a computer like the use of keyboard and mouse operation.
  3. It is the responsibility of the candidate to acquire these basic computer skills before appearing for the entrance test and the Institution cannot take responsibility for the same. Computer Based Test Procedure
  4. The candidates must ensure that the computer allotted to them is switched on and any problem with the computer should be informed to the invigilator immediately.
  5. The questions appearing on the screen will be in English. All questions will be of Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) type. Each MCQ consists of a stem which may be in the form of a question or an incomplete statement and four responses labeled A, B, C and D. Only one of the four responses is the correct answer. Candidate needs to choose that answer. Candidates can navigate freely back and forth, through the questions.
  6. Important Note -The number of examination days will be estimated based on the total number of applications received and the test centres will be given as chosen by the candidates on the application form.In the rare and unlikely event of a technical failure during the test, the candidate may be required to attempt the test again. Candidate must visit regularly to obtain latest news, information and updates on the entrance test.

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