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Chemistry determines the work of the world around us. After all, they are made up of atoms and chemicals around us, ourselves included. It means knowing the basics of Chemistry to learn how to interact on earth. You can understand the world around you much better when you understand the basics of Chemistry. The Class 8 Chemistry curriculum is determined by the CBSE board. Students must study according to the defined curriculum to get a good score in their Chemistry exams. Both students and teachers refer to the same curriculum and the final Chemistry questionnaire is prepared accordingly. Grade 8 students are encouraged to be familiar with the curriculum so that they can write the exams with confidence.


Our Chemistry study material includes review notes, work samples, and practice tests. Sample papers are effective for managing exam-related stress. Chemistry teachers also create Entrancei document samples according to the latest exam paper templates. You can try these Chemistry questions to get an idea of what the actual exam will look like. Along with working samples, our qualified instructors provided Class 8 Chemistry solutions under CBSE guidelines.

The practical examinations are very suitable for practicing the subjects in the 8th-grade Chemistry curriculum. All you have to do is review material from the notes and then take the online practice test to check. If you have any queries about the Chemistry curriculum or exams, you can always enter your questions in the "Undoubtedly" section of Entrancei. Our experts will answer questions related to 8th-class chemistry as soon as possible.


Chemistry is one of the most challenging subjects ever. The chapters presented in the book are hard and students are often confused about the right solution.

  • Start preparing your notes, make separate notes for the important formulas starting by remembering the symbols of chemistry and reading the periodic table.
  • Solve all the questions given in the exercise; this will help you prepare a solid foundation of grade 8 chemistry for an upcoming class
  • Solve the sample papers and the questionnaire from the previous year will help you get an idea of the final design of the questionnaire.
Frequently Asked Questions
1.Why should you study Chemistry in 8th-Class?
  • We study how everything works in our world when we learn Chemistry.
  • With knowledge in Chemistry, it is possible to understand the true impact of recalls and product shortages.
  • Chemical reactions make tasty treats in the kitchen.
  • Knowledge of the basics of Chemistry allows us to make smarter decisions about drugs and other subjects.
2.How to prepare for the 8th-grade chemistry exam?
  • Study your concepts carefully and make sure you can write what you read.
  • Try to solve as many of last year’s questionnaires as possible to get an idea of repetitive questions.
  • Mention important topics so that you do not miss any important topics and you can easily review all topics and concepts.
3.Why is revision material important for grade 8?

Revision notes are required to support theoretical understanding of chemistry and examination preparation. If you forgot the chemistry lesson and do not understand the ideas from this session, then the review notes are very useful at that time.

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