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12th grade is an important exam for every student, and his future depends on the results of this exam. All students must prepare well and get good grades. These questions are the hottest questions that are usually asked in exams, and they also carry a lot of weight. Students can easily download a PDF of these questions and solve them offline. If any doubts arise when solving questions, students are free to ask their questions on our site. The questions will help students know the weight of the points awarded for each chapter. Based on this, students can prepare for the exam by preparing important questions that matter most. Students should use these chapter-by-chapter questions to test themselves and see if they are fully prepared for the board exam. They must resolve the questions within the allotted time, which will help them manage their schedule during the final exam.


CBSE Class 12 is the most important stage in student life. Managing your exam load is not easy, but we can help you with the resources you need to study the chapters covered by your CBSE Class 12. At Physics Wallah, we have exactly the strategy you were looking for to read, test, and evaluate. At Physics Wallah, for the past 10 years, we have been running quizzes for 12th-grade students to practice. They can be downloaded from our link. By practicing the previous year's work, students can become familiar with the board and grading grid. As you practice our homework assignments, you will also learn the different questions to ask during the exam to gain confidence in your exam. All homework consists of 12th-grade curriculum questions. Students are advised to solve them at least one month before the exam to get good grades.


By practicing these questions, students can gain the following benefits:

  • The questions will give students an overview of important topics on which to ask questions during the exam.
  • Students can develop impressive time management skills by solving questions.
  • Solving different types of questions in each chapter will improve your problem-solving skills.
  • Students are well aware of the difficulty level of the questions and how they can be formulated on the exam.
  • Questions will increase students' confidence levels.
  • Students will be reasonably capable of solving any type of test question.
  • It will improve student preparation and help them achieve higher grades during the exam.
Frequently Asked Questions
1.How can I learn the answers to grade 12 questions effectively?

First of all, you need to understand the curriculum developed by the CBSE. Once you have a clear understanding, you should practice the tasks prescribed by the respective board. The daily problem-solving in the book improves problem-solving skills that are important from an exam point of view. If you complete the book chapters before the exam, along with their preview, you will pass the grade 12 exams well with good grades.

2.How can class 12 notes be useful?

Grade 12 grades will help you with another purpose in different subjects. Some students may use these notes for revision purposes, others to improve their knowledge. You should review your grade 12 notes immediately after reading the chapters on weekends and before exams. It will help you remember more points and concepts if you solve a few questions and end up getting stuck. Open the review notes and quickly find your problems.

3.Where can I find a free question and answer solutions for grade 12?

You can find class 12 solutions by listing direct links on our site. Use them as a reference and help in your preparation. You can also get a free class 12 PDF with all the solutions to questions on the subject.

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